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These five job professions are the most sought after in the Big Data era

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, June 20, 2019 | Thursday, June 20, 2019

Basically, Big Data is a technology system that was introduced to cope with the explosion of information along with the growing ecosystem of users of mobile devices, and internet data.

The growth of mobile devices and internet data has greatly influenced the development of volume, and the type of data that continues to increase significantly in cyberspace. Various types of data, ranging from data in the form of text, images or photos, videos to other forms of data that flood the computing system. Of course this needs a way out. And Big Data is a solution that is often echoed in recent times.

In fact until now there has been no official definition of the term Big Data. However, the emergence is indeed considered a solution to the fact, which shows that the growth of data over time has exceeded the limits of storage media capabilities, as well as existing database systems.

Hence from that Big Data Technology began to bloom in various parts of the world. This technology is said to be the most famous technology in the future. Because, Big Data is a technology that describes data with very large volumes. These data can be obtained from anywhere, both structured and unstructured.

For this reason, business people usually use large companies to make decisions. Where, with this technology they can take appropriate policy decisions based on the data that has been analyzed. Characteristics from this technology also usually has several characteristics, namely :

- The amount is very large, usually the size in Terabytes,

- Data growth is very fast.

- Diverse formats, some of which are text documents, e-mail, video, audio, and transaction data.

Several banking companies in Indonesia have started to use this famous technology. They utilize Big Data analysis to detect fraud in the world of their banking companies, expand business reach, and make new fintech products.

Its sophistication can also be used to see patterns of community behavior. Hence, Big Data technology is very important for every institution to formulate a strategy, and a policy that is in direct contact with many people.

Various large companies began competing to use Big Data to develop their business. To support this one technology, along with professions that are more widespread and most sought after in the era of Big Data Technology, including as :

1. Database administrator

Database administrators have quite a lot of responsibilities. In fact, they also often intersect with the tasks of the positions above. Its main task is to evaluate and supervise all devices that have to do with data.

But if the task is presented very much, such as ensuring the storage system runs well, ensuring the security of data storage functions, evaluating all storage devices, to analyze the condition of the data storage system.

2. Data scientist

The most sought - after profession related to Big Data is a data scientist. This position allows the worker to work with large amounts of data. Having a focus on information technology, they are required to collect data from various sources, process it, and analyze it according to business needs.

The analysis can then be used for decision making or improving service to clients. usually, this position requires graduates of mathematics or technology science. In the United States, this profession occupies the top position of the best job category in 2019 with salaries reaching US $ 108,000/ year. (Glassdoor/ auth)

3. Security engineer

This position may not be too famous in other parts of the world. But, it will be needed along with the rise of Big Data technology. They are tasked with designing the security of the data they have, to remain immune to certain risks such as disasters, viruses, and other system security problems.
Prospective workers who enter this qualification, usually are graduates of computer engineering or other computer science. In essence, they must understand the technical understanding of computer languages and operating systems. In Indonesia, this position is more often involved in testing software and hardware products of a company. That is, before it was launched, they also helped ensure the product was safe from the risks of data theft. Security engineer ranked 17th as the best job in the United States with US $ 102,000/ year.

4. Data engineer

This profession is a little different from a data scientist, they are not too responsible for finding data, but they are responsible for data storage infrastructure. In Big Data, the amount of data is very large. In order to be easily analyzed, they need to be collected and grouped efficiently.

The data engineer also has the responsibility of ensuring that the data used for business purposes is valid. In order to get into this job, prospective workers are required to have a bachelor's degree in a field related to computer science. The competitiveness of prospective workers in this profession will be even higher if they have the ability to design SQL databases. For the highest position, the salary offered is quite fantastic from the profession.

5. Data analyst

They have the task of analyzing data originating from Big Data, and translating it into information that is easily digested by various divisions. This position will be in direct contact with the sales, marketing, or other business strategy teams.

The data they have analyzed will be presented in the form of a table, or a curve that shows the number of famous movements. Until finally, leaders and marketing teams can take the right steps in the future. Usually those who are sought for this position are those who have graduated from computer science. While the capabilities that must be owned, including SQL databases, Microsoft Excel, to Share Point.

In fact, they also need to be able to have good communication skills to present their findings. Data analysts include the most popular jobs in the United States in 2019 workers in this field, can get a salary of up to US $ 60,000/ year.

Big Data is indeed not arbitrary technology. The position must be filled by people who are experts in the field of computer programs. The above profession is very necessary for companies, especially those that apply technology. Then why should it be filled by people who are experts in their fields ...?. This is because indeed all business decisions have now begun to use Big Data analysis, which is a collection of data that continues to grow in large numbers every day...

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