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Supported by 48 markets, the highest price of Bitcoin God reaches $ 140. Quickly trade and invest your assets here ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, June 23, 2019 | Sunday, June 23, 2019

Digital currency is increasingly recognized by many people in various parts of the world. This is one of the blockchain representations, whose impact is directly enjoyed by the community, other potentials are still being explored.

Public interest in digital currencies, generally as an investment. Actually it has increased dramatically after the Bitcoin exchange rate soared when the WannaCry event that horrified the virtual world. The attacker requested a ransom for the release of the computer, which was attacked by WannaCry with Bitcoin.

After the value of Bitcoin has soared, on the other hand Altcoin or digital currencies other than bitcoin continue to appear, generally with the mission of fixing the Bitcoin gap or offering new ways for mining processes, and transactions.

Altcoin is recorded up to 1,500 more, specifically at MarketCap. Even that number continues to grow, along with the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) conducted in various countries around the world. As one example of the altcoin that appears as the price of Bitcoin explodes after the WannaCry event, the Bitcoin God (GOD).

What is Bitcoin God (GOD)...?

Bitcoin God (GOD) is an unlimited, non-profit peer to peer organization. Bitcoin God's vision is to utilize a decentralized platform to solve many problems, created by existing centralized systems.

Bitcoin God as a blockchain-based network, will allow tracking of general ledger transactions transparently and clearly. Bitcoin God token holders (GOD) can determine who they are trying to help, through the blockchain peer-to-peer accurately.
Decentralized communities are fully monitored themselves

The Bitcoin God is a decentralized community that is fully monitored by itself. The community will decide the number and recipient of the token. Tokens that are mined every day will be used for charitable purposes, of which 17 million will be flown to current Bitcoin holders (Close to the amount of BTC outstanding).

In the remaining 4 million tokens, 400 thousand tokens will be used as POS mining gifts. 3.6 million other tokens will be used for airdrop, for charity. The process will be through users who share their wallet addresses to social networks, and the community will choose to decide the ratio and number of airdrops.

First Charity Platform

Besides, the Bitcoin God will be the first charity platform built on the blockchain. The goal of the Bitcoin God is to fill the world with love, and make the world a better place.

Furthermore, Bitcoin God has smart contract program technology. With smart contract technology, all of them can issue assets and build applications on the blockchain, which makes Bitcoin God a value and a utility.

Then, Bitcoin God also has a large block size. the large block size is implemented to solve the problem of the famous network congestion, and to increase practical value. The Bitcoin God Network will be the most efficient and smooth digital currency network.
Then, in addition to the large block size, Bitcoin God also has POS Mining. The POS makes professional mining machines unnecessary for users, and reduces power consumption. Because, POS is more decentralized, than POW mining. The number of Bitcoin God Features, namely:

- Total distribution of 21 million.

- All Bitcoin holders will receive the same proportion of AirDrop God tokens.

- The remaining tokens will be distributed to token holders and GOD networks through the POS mechanism.

- Daily output will be distributed to community users and tokens.

- The Bitcoin God Foundation forbids publishing additional tokens.

Supported Metaverse, Neo, Qtum and Mobius

On December 25, 2017, the Bitcoin God is cut at a block height of 501225and in 2018 then launched the Q network, then in 2018 the Bitcoin God also added 3 Q Smart contracts to the blockchain. So, Bitcoin God DApp on the Mobius Network. While for 2019, Q1 applies evidence of zero knowledge. After that it is maintained, and developed by the community or user. For technical support to the Bitcoin God, it is supported by Metaverse, Neo, Qtum and Mobius.
For you to know, Bitcoin God is currently in the price range of US $ 17. 156876, up about 0.38%, with an exchange volume of 24 hours as much as US $ 6,268 on 14 June 2019 since the launch of the Bitcoin God, the highest volume of coins ever touched the level of US $ 140/ chip (MarketCap). That is, it is not just bitcoin that you have to lyrics to invest or trade in digital currency nowadays. Bitcoin God is also suitable for you to trade, and invest. Before regretting, quickly trade and invest your assets immediately here (Bitcoin God).

There are in 48 markets

For those of you who want to invest in the Bitcoin God, there is no need for you to doubt his presence in various parts of the world. Because, Bitcoin God has now been accepted in the market with the proven number of exchanges that have expressed support for them. Until now, there are at least 48 markets that support the exchange of coins. And among the 48 exchanges are:

1. Gate.io
2. Bithumb
3. Bitrex
4. Binance
5. Coinchex
6. Poloniex
7. HitBTC
8. Gdax
9. Okex
10. Huobi pro
11. Coinone
12. Kraken
13. Bitfinex
14. Quoinex
15. Bitflyer
16. Korbit
17. Gemini
18. Zaif
19. Luno
20. Yobit.net

For more details, you can find out more markets that support this Bitcoin God currency exchange at https://www.bitcoingod.org/. And not just an exchange, Bitcoin God is also supported by 23 wallets, including Bitcoin.com, BTC.com, Bitpay, Webmoney and other wallets that you can find on the coin page. May be useful...

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