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Only 2 years developed, now the price of 1 coin is 0.003 BTC. Is this coin suitable for sale ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, June 20, 2019 | Thursday, June 20, 2019

Crypto currencies such as bitcoins that focus strongly on public input, open management and financing sustainable development are called Decred (DCR) coins. the history of the development of this Decred coin, started in April, 2014.

To ensure the integrity of its currency, and prevent people from making fraudulent transactions or creating their own coins, Decred uses the transaction recording method known as the blockchain.

Besides, Decred coins also use the advanced Hash algorithm. Even the developers of digital currencies began to advance their systems with cardinal improvements from mining efficiency, and simplified work with the introduction of new Hash into the system.

Software 1.0 Launched

Right on April 20, 2017, the Decred coin team announced the launch of the full version of the software for this platform 1.0. The representative of the project itself believes that the release can be considered an epoch making event for the entire community in cyberspace.

Confidence in their power is given by a simplified management system, as well as opportunities given to each system participant, to influence project development.

Furthermore, for wallet systems developed specifically for user convenience, Decred's coin system developers offer several types of wallets, as well as simple miners for coin production. Then, to support the trust of wallet holders in Decred, the developers decided in the following ways :

1. Introducing

Introduce their crypto currency to the Exscudo exchange, which has a different centralized, decentralized exchange.

2. Protect

The creators believe that in that way they will protect their projects from all kinds of violations, and fraudulent operations involving the use of blocking systems.

3. Checking & Securing

Exscudo only adds secure currency crypto assets, which must pass a series of strict checks.

Three choices for interacting with Decred

Not only introducing, protecting, checking and securing. decred (DCR) also gives three choices to its users, to interact with it. The three options for interacting with Decred include:

1. Wallet

To send and receive funds, and participate in mining PoS.

2. Proof-of-Work Mining.

Use of computational resources to check network transactions, and produce new Decredited coins.

3. Proof-of-Stake Mining.

Use of voting tools for important network problems, and transaction verification for prizes.

Volume Decred (DCR) reached 41.88 BTC in 2019

Previously, Decred (DCR) coins had reached US $ 54 more after Binance's trading was launched some time ago. Then this DCR coin sank to reach US $ 26.94 or 0.003457 (0.003) BTC, but the biggest change in increase could occur within 24 hours. DCR can be one of the more actively traded coins, with the potential to see more significant price action. Now, the DCR volume reaches 41.88 BTC (11/06/2019) with most of the trading against Bitcoin (BTC) in the Binance market.

To be honest, Decred is a coin that grows slowly, and is still around 62% below the height of all time (Based on Onchainfx data). However, it has become a successful investment in the past year to rise to more than 76% in dollar terms, then as a comparison Ethereum (ETH) which at that time fell by 33%.

Seeing the past, does not guarantee that Decred is a good investment. DCR coins are known to have a strong community and most of the coins are held to lurk, vote, or maintain development funds. But DCR is very smart, they can see additional speculation and price fluctuations with exchanges.
It's in Binance's market, DCR is relatively well known

Now DCR assets are relatively well known, because of the large price movements in the Korean market, plus its presence in the Binance market which increases its visibility. For Decredited networks, the exact hashrate of October almost doubled, which is another bullish factor for coins when miners move with ASIC.

Furthermore, DCR is generally still a potentially profitable coin, with prospects for price growth. The Decred project also has hopes for an additional exchange list at Gemini, and the Coinbase Custody program is chosen for safe deposit of assets by DCR (Decred) coins.

For dear readers, actually trading and cryptocurrency investing are risky propositions, so market participants are advised to always carry out thorough research before trading and investing in this cryptocurrency.

While the question from the author, do you match the Decred coin to be traded ...?. If you like to trade or buy, you can do it at Binance Market. Because that's not to be postponed again, do it now. Thank you, hopefully useful and successful always...

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