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Investors must consider these 7 things before property investment. 7 of these include taxes, schools and natural disasters.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, June 20, 2019 | Thursday, June 20, 2019

For the world of finance, investors are individuals or institutions both domestic and non domestic who make an investment (The form of investment in accordance with the type of investment chosen), both in the long or short term.

But sometimes the term investor is also used to refer to someone who purchases property, or other assets with a purpose to make a profit.

If you are an investor, owning a leased property is the right step to increase the coffers of your wealth. The existence of property makes an investor like you can easily get passive income, without the need to be busy working day or night.

If at present the money you have accumulated and want to find a house for rent, it is important for you to pay attention to some of the criteria that make the rental house has value in the eyes of those interested in renting it.

And here are some criteria that will greatly affect the size of the demand for the rental house. For that, read more about this explanation, so you can learn about property investment, namely :

1. The environment around the property

The environment or location where a property is located will greatly affect the type of tenant who will rent it. If the location of the house or property is located around the university or government office, the students and employees there are likely to become sustainable tenants.

2. Quality middle school

For this one it is very important to note, if a family is the target that you aim at. It's useless, if you have good property, but quality schools around the environment are minimal. Therefore, try the property that you will invest in around a quality secondary school.

3. Property tax

The thing you need to know and understand is property tax between one region and another. Therefore, it is important to know the amount of tax to be paid so that rental income cannot cover the amount of tax. Do not overestimate high taxes, if the area is strategic and has many ten ants, for further information it would not hurt you to buy property that is there.

4. Crime rate

No one is willing to live in a location, which is very vulnerable to criminal acts especially the drug environment. As a result, the property you have will not be sought after by tenants, if it is located in a hazard prone area. The best way to measure crime rates in an area is to look at statistical data that are usually available. Be sure to know the level of vandalism, petty crime, serious crime, and so on.

5. Stretching development

A property is considered not only seen from the current situation, but also a plan for development in the future. If the area will be built apartment, mall and quality schools, the surrounding area can potentially have excellent growth.

6. Natural disasters

If you own a property in an area potentially prone to disasters such as floods and earthquakes, then this certainly greatly affects the value of property. The tenants who knew the potential for the disaster could become uninterested in renting property, and eventually switched to other properties. In addition, disaster prone locations also require you to incur additional costs for property insurance, if one day the property gets a disaster. The additional costs that must be incurred, of course, greatly affect the rental income that you will get from the property.

7. Transportation & other facilities

Being in an area not only requires a place to live, but also requires a variety of entertainment and various other facilities. The location of a property can be said to be strategic, if it is close to shopping centers, malls, public transportation facilities, cinemas, health facilities, and others.

In conclusion, if you are an investor who will invest in the property sector, taking into account the criteria above, you can easily find the best type of property for rent, whether it's a house or rented property. Other than that with the various explanations above as well, of course you can consider it further so that in the future you can get big profits...

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