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If the wife rebels, then it is a big sin for her

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

In the household, there are some mistakes that need to be avoided by the wife. Although at first glance the error seems trivial, if it continues to be allowed it can disrupt house hold harmony.

Various mistakes that are often made by the wife to the husband in fostering the household, whether done consciously or not, that is, starting from talking about house hold matters to other people, so they do not respect the husband's family.

Therefore for the sake of creating a harmonious household, the wife must protect her husband's feelings. Because in addition to harmony in the house hold, the wife can also sin if it hurts her feelings. Why is that ...?, let's look at this article to completion.

A husband is a door to heaven for a wife, but it can also be a way into hell for his wife. Of course there are causes that make it so. What are those ...?, along with various mistakes that lead to sins committed by the wife against her husband :

1. Not obedient to husband

When a woman becomes a wife, she must obey and obey her husband completely. Obedient and obedient in totality, of course here in good terms. Then if the husband asks to do this or that, the wife must obey as long as it does not conflict with the prohibition of Allah SWT. If the wife defies, then it is a big sin for her.

2. Discuss the lack of husband to others

This action must be immediately shunned, and removed. If it is continuously carried out, the act can be a cause of reduced household harmony, even cracking. And of course a big sin for the wife who committed the act.

3. Refuse the husband's invitation to bed

As long as there is no udzur syar'i which prevents the wife from serving her husband, then she must fulfill her husband's request. But if you refuse without reason, then get ready to get a curse from the angels until morning.

4. Excessive jealousy

Very reasonable if a wife has jealousy as long as it is natural, and according to the syar'i corridor. But if it's just jealous blind and very excessive, be careful. Because if that trait is maintained, his heart will be filled with bad thoughts, and become the beginning of a bigger fight.

5. Leave the house without asking permission from the husband

If the husband is working outside, and the wife has a need even if only the market buys vegetables, it is obligatory for the wife to ask permission. If the wife violates, then it is a sin.

6. Decorate not for husband

If the wife while with her husband appears sober, but out of the house decorated himself, it must be stopped. Because, it's a sin because it can be a slander for men.

7. Not grateful for the living provided by the husband

Wives should not complain about the husband's income from work, but manage it properly. He also had to correct his domestic life, maybe there was a sin that made his fortune restrained.

8. Not respecting the husband's family

A wife who does not respect her parents in law or family member, then she is not a good wife. For this reason, it is a good idea to create a harmonious and estranged house hold relationship from sin, the above things need to be avoided. If you are a wife able to avoid this, of course you are a tough and good wife...

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