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Game PUBG Online Impacts Divorce

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 16, 2019 | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Addicted to Playing Unknowns Battle Grounds (PUBG) online game, a wife reportedly wants to divorce her husband. The 19 year old woman was addicted to the PUBG game, so she was desperate to divorce her husband, and intends to live with her playing partner in the online game.

The Abhayam aid line in Gujarat, India recently received a call from a 19 year old mother. This unnamed woman sought help to divorce from her husband, because she wanted to live with partners playing PUBG. (The Indian Express / auth)

The young woman who had a child less than one year old, started playing PUBG a few months ago, making her addicted. He met a fellow player from Ahmedabad, India and became very close to him so he decided to divorce her husband.

Responding to the woman's request, Abhayam commissioned a counseling team, who then visited her home and talked to the family to ask about the problem. The team found that he had spent a lot of time on his cellphone playing PUBG, which created a rift between him and his family.

The adviser responsible for meeting the woman or Sonal Sagathiya, advised him to reconsider his decision. Sagathiya said, that the man he met in the online game was unclear even not real. "Not predictable, and not sure whether he (The PUBG player) wants to really live with him or not". Said Sagathiya to the woman

He suggested to think carefully, because he had a baby to look after. "We offered to stay in a rehabilitation center in Ahmedabad. However, he refused because there did not permit cellphone use". Said Sagathiya

As Abhayam's aid channel policy, advisors were indeed unable to impose decisions about the woman, and only advised her. After being persuaded several times, the woman finally said she needed time to think about it, and would call the help line if she needed further assistance...

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