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Before it happens, voice password hacking has been watched out

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, June 23, 2019 | Sunday, June 23, 2019

A password is a collection of characters or strings used by network users, or an operating system that supports many users, to verify their identity to the security system owned by the network or system.

Online accounts with weak passwords are certainly the easiest to hack into hackers. According to a study conducted by a British cyber security agency called the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), found 123456 as the most used password by accounts that have been broken into.

The data was collected by the NCSC by analyzing public databases containing accounts that had been broken into to see word combinations, and numbers that were used as passwords. As it turns out, 123456 is the main list of passwords that are hacked most often by hackers.

Not only related to password weaknesses, hackers can break into them. A study in the field of cyber security also found the latest method used by hackers to break into online account passwords. Through software, they can listen or see how users type.

Researchers from Cambridge University in (England) and Linkoping University (Sweden), recently discovered that how to find out someone's online account password is not only seen when typing, but also by listening.

The researcher used an algorithm test, and managed to guess 31 out of 50 passwords consisting of digits correctly, only from 10 attempts. And the experiment was done by them by recording 45 participants who were typing passwords on Android devices such as smart phones and tablets, then interpreting the typing audio through an algorithm engine using sound waves that passed through the device's microphone. (Auth/ Cult of Mac - Monday 06/10/2019)

The intended algorithm, later can predict the origin of the vibrations generated from the sound typing of the participants. But it was very fortunate, that it was only a trial of researchers that would be used as prevention. Nowadays it is very difficult to imagine hackers developing this type of attack. In the future we will certainly develop it first as a prevention effort". Said Ilia Shumailov of Cambridge University (Wall Street Journal/ auth)

To successfully connect him, hackers must infect smartphones with malware and gain access to the microphone. Although not difficult, making an algorithm to interpret typing sounds will take a long time. That is why the researchers designed prevention as early as possible, to anticipate in the future the intended hacking system.

Techniques to protect passwords

There are several techniques or ways that you might be able to use, to make your online account password stronger and not easily hacked by cyber criminals. The following are techniques or ways that you can apply to protect your online account password, including:

1. Do not use a password that is commonly used.

Most people actually use passwords that are commonly used to be easy to remember. However, it just becomes a disaster for you. As an example of a password that is commonly used by many people: password, secret, qwerty, 1234567890, date of birth, and others.

2. The use of symbols is maximized

This technique is believed to be very appropriate to avoid hacking accounts like those that have been widely used by online account owners in various parts of the world. For example, adding symbols, namely : * 6 % 4 @ $ #, and others.

3. Streng then passwords, use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols.

This method is the most widely used by many people to improve security on passwords. For example: 1 lov3 u (I Love You), 1 m155 u (I Miss You)

4. Every online account, a password must be distinguished

Of course, that is to avoid if someone already knows your online account password. For example, if you use the same password for Twitter, Instagram, e-mail, and crypto wallets, this will make it easier for hackers to break into your account. So, it's a good idea to use a different password from each of your online accounts.

5. Public facilities & people suspected, must be monitored

If you are in a public place such as an internet cafe, it's good to pay attention to the people around you. If there is a strange person who is suspicious, hears or pretends to not see when you are going to open an online account, you should postpone it first until the person you suspect is away from your place.

Furthermore, if the person you suspect is gone, then you can access your online account. Why is that, of course it aims to anticipate algorithmic experiments as revealed by researchers from Cambridge University in (England) and Linkoping University (Sweden).

So are 5 techniques or ways that you can use as a fortress to overcome or prevent hacking of your online account. Good luck, and hopefully protected always from various crimes, especially hacking account crimes in cyberspace. Thank you..., miss greetings always...

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