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Achieve satisfaction your hand is not only style 69, position 57 can also make you more satisfied.

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, June 21, 2019 | Friday, June 21, 2019

Instead of men, women are more difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction when having sex or making love. Why is that ... ?, because for women satisfaction at intercourse is not only about physical action, but also psychological satisfaction when doing so.

From centuries ago, the satisfaction of man's most anticipated desires was endless. In every part of the world and in every age, the satisfaction of human sexual desires always finds something different. Exploration for sexual pleasure and satisfaction, for example, has been written in several books and manuscripts that exist today.

In India, for example, the book Kamasutra is one of the references to how a woman and a man have sex. The book which is estimated to be more than 18,000 years old took one of the 7 parts in the book in question.

While in the bamboo or Chinese curtain country, there is also a book that explains how to have sex with a partner. From this book called Su Ni Jing, it depicts sex positions in the most dazzling and beautiful poems, such as the Dragon Bermanin Mutiara in the Sky, Drumming the Drum in the Middle of the Clouds, or Chaining the Bamboo Fence.

In this modern era, people will certainly find it difficult to translate the true meaning implied in the book. Modern people now only know 69 sex positionswhere 69 is interpreted, the sex position of two people facing each other with their mouths in front of their partner's genitals, for oral sex.

It turns out it's not just position 69 to have sex with a partner, there are still other sex positions that are much favored by lovers, which can make couples more satisfied. Following the tactics of intercourse position that might make a partner and you are more satisfied, between that position or tactic namely:

1. Position Numbers 60

Number 60, in cunnilingus the object is a woman's vagina. But what needs to be considered is the exclusion of female genitals. Because mucus produced from the vagina can be a means of transmitting the disease to the mouth. The vagina itself has around 8000 sensitive nerves in the clitoris. So that with the right techniques, women can enjoy the games that couples do.

2. Position Numbers 57

The number 57 is interpreted as a sex position commonly called a missionary. This sex activity is actually the most done by couples. In addition to being considered a simple sex position, missionary positions are also considered more polite. This sex position can be done with a female partner on her back and men on top of her with faces facing each other. The position of sex like this has several advantages including, it will create a more intimate, intimate relationship between partners. In addition, with the female position below as well, the sperm's journey to the uterus can be more smoothly without obstacles

3. Position Numbers 42

Number 42 (Blow job) aims to satisfy the couple, but do not hesitate to carry out sexual activities called oral sex. Mr. P is very sensitive so you need to be extra careful when doing it. With an agile tongue game, this activity can be a variation in sex with a partner. Men like this sensation when couples can explore Mr. P sensitive areas, and not only at the end but at the bottom must be done.

4. Position Numbers 41

Many men like the game Hand Job, they consider this activity fun. These activities are usually carried out during foreplay. To carry out such sexual activities, the preparation is quite easy. Prepare the best position, can sit or sleep on your back. Furthermore, the partner must set the speed rhythm or slower, then do gentle pressure or stronger when doing this activity. To be more comfortable, use lubricants. If the hand job is done well, it is not impossible that the pleasure of doing this activity will make the couple constantly addicted.

5. Position Numbers 21

Number 21 is the sex position commonly called Doggy Style. Sexual activity from behind is mostly done by couples as a variation in having sex with their partners. In accordance with the term, the position of sex inspired by dogs is preferred because it can provide deeper penetration to their partners. This sex position also has many variations, including women on their stomach with their hands supporting their bodies, then their partners lift their legs so that their position is floating.

Then, the position of the woman on her stomach with both legs close together, and the partner must have a balance when penetrating so as not to overdo the partner. Then added with the help of chairs as a place to support a woman's body, then the male partner penetrates by lifting one of her female legs, to be placed on the pair's waist.

How, are you interested in the tactics of intercourse position above ...?. If you are interested, it never hurts to try it. But remember, don't practice it to someone who is not your wife or husband. Because it is dangerous, more over you get politicized or deceived which is not a legitimate partner from you just for sexual satisfaction. You will certainly face government law and even punishment from God. Good luck...

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