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WTC (Waltoncoin) there is no expenditure even though the price rises in the range of 4.19%. Is this a sign that he will be expensive ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 16, 2019 | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Cryptocurrency is a term for virtual currencies that uses encryption to verify each unit of money delivery between users, and regulates the issuance of new currency units.

This virtual currency operates independently without the intervention of a central bank. Besides Bitcoin, there are actually a lot of cryptocurrency circulating throughout the world.

As one example on 30 November 2016, a project was established right on the inventor's 5th anniversary, where the project was originally the presence of a digital currency commonly called WTC (Waltoncoin).

History of Waltoncoin (WTC)

Walton from Charlie Walton, who was born in California, died on 30 November 2011. As the inventor of RFID technology, he devoted his life to the development of RFID technology.

He received the first patent related to RFID technology in 1973, and finally received more than 50 patents for discovery. He created a new era of RFID and made a tremendous contribution to the development of RFID.

Now, RFID technology is widely used in various applications throughout the world, from identification to highways, mobile payments, credit card payments, which of course we can see RFID everywhere.

On 30 November 2016, the project was established, precisely the fifth anniversary of the death of Charlie Walton. In order to commemorate the inventor of great RFID technology, and this project was named "Waltonchain" which is to continue its discovery and open the way for the future.

Like tokens mentioned above. In the Walton ecosystem, the main underlying chain is called Waltonchain, where tokens used for handling and payment are called Waltoncoin (WTC).

And the WTC is the most important digital token in the Walton ecosystem, a total of 100 million WTCs, abbreviated 10-8, made and installed in the Genesis block. This number is permanent, no more tokens will be issued, even though the price is around $ 2,207 or up around 4.19% than before.
While the question from the author is related to no more spending on the WTC, can there be no more expenditure on the WTC that could be a sign that Waltoncoin will be expensive ...?. All of us don't know, only the time that answers it, let's watch it every time the price of this coin moves, but don't forget we also have to save it before it is of high value.

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RFID tag, is the RFID tag ...?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a small label the size of rice that can be attached to clothing and almost all products. RFID Tag can be read directly by sensors that are nearby (Even without a glance). This means that it can be read automatically by the machine when the object moves down and runs during the production process.

RFID and its Tag are already used to track clothing, track animals, automatic payments in paid vendors, shipping tracking and inventory management. RFID is preferred over barcodes, because machines are easier to read, with the possibility of applications with unmanned aerial vehicles.

This technology is used primarily in a concept called "Internet of Things" (IoT). IoT is basically the binding of physical objects to the Internet. However, one of the disadvantages of the existing IoT model is that network interaction only occurs between verified and previously agreed parties. In other words, this is not a truly open system.

Why do you have Waltonchain and Value Internet of things (VIoT) ...?

Waltonchain wants to present a new concept called Value Internet of things (VIoT). This will be based on IoT, including blockchain technology. RFID Tag and RFID readers, used on Waltonchain.

Then, an RFID Tag is a device that must be connected to a circuit, and an RFID reader is a node in a chain. Walton software consists of a Waltonchain, Walton protocol and Walton (WTC) software system. The actual application of Waltonchain refers to the garment industry. RFID chips are placed on each product. Information is updated on the block chain for storage and transportation.

Already understand my friends all, if there are those who do not understand the history and development of Walton Coins (WTC), there is no harm in you asking the author. Your question can be done in the comments section below ..., don't hesitate to comment yes ... friends ... !!!

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