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What's up ...?. Jack Ma asked his employees to have sex 6 times a day

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 16, 2019 | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Whatever the successful world entrepreneurs say, it will usually be an inspirational sentence for other people to be successful. However, the expression of the richest person in China and even in the world or this Jack Ma, is really worth making a person's forehead wrinkled.

Said Jack Ma or the Alibaba boss was called out when giving a speech in front of his new employee. How not, Jack Ma asked that his employees routinely have sex six times a day. Jack Ma said this after previously issuing controversial policies. He promoted the 996 system of work, which he accused of being stressful and tired of working. shanghaiist / auth)

The system works 996, is that every day Jack Ma employees must work from 9:00 to 21:00, and go to work 6 days a week. Jack Ma applies this system, with the aim of demanding that his employees work hard.

Because he has worked hard, according to Jack Ma, humans must implement a work hard, play hard philosophy. This method is to have intimate relationships more intensely. This concept, introduced by Jack Ma by the name 669. "What is 669 ...?, 6 days, 6 times, with more time being the key". Said Jack Ma, smiling at his employees

In addition to throwing stress, Jack Ma also insists that his employees must oppose government policies regarding child restrictions. He encouraged his employees to have as many children as possible. In fact, according to Jack Ma, children are more potential investments than property. And here are 3 Jack Ma's advice that you need to understand as a young entrepreneur:

1. Not just waiting for the community to be ready

Often, people do not act on their ideas because they think people are not ready for what they have in mind. However, precisely because there are gaps that can be cultivated by this young entrepreneur. "If everything is ready, you have no value". Jack Ma said in his meeting with the IMF

When he founded Alibaba in 1999, few people had access to the Internet, let alone transacted online to buy and sell goods. Now, the company has become one of the largest technology companies in the world, with businesses in e-commerce, digital payments, social media and much more.

2. Life shouldn't be easy

Entrepreneurs must be familiar with rejection, said Ma. Learning to handle resistance makes people fearless, and that is an important trait that you must have. Being fearless also makes people more optimistic, which keeps you going when life becomes difficult. Jack Ma himself has told many stories about the rejection he faced in life, such as when he was refused to work at KFC.

But how do people develop their courage ...?. According to Ma, it requires a shift in mindset. "As an entrepreneur, you have to force yourself to sell something. You have to tell yourself, today I come to 10 customers, they will all say no, that's normal. Then, try to get your happiness backif you sell to one of them, you must be very happy, you are better than you think". He explained

3. Don't learn to be successful

Jack Ma's journey in building Alibaba into one of the biggest technology companies in the world can be called a success story. However, what he did right to be successful was not something he wanted to share with beginner entrepreneurs. "We will never teach people how to be successful. Harvard, Yale does not teach people how to be successfulwhen people learn too many success stories, they think they can succeed easily". Said Ma

Instead, Jack Ma wants to teach others how to overcome challenges so they are ready for a hard life. "We want to share with people what mistakes we made. This is a mistake, a lesson we took that made progress on ourselves". Strictly speaking Jack Ma

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