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US $ 700 / Kilogrammer, Black Flies are of Economic Value

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, May 18, 2019 | Saturday, May 18, 2019

Hermetia illucens or black flies are one type of fly that is found in many organic rubbish bins. This larva uses the waste, as a source of food.

The ability of larvae to eat organic waste, because in the intestine there are cellulolytic bacteria that produce cellulase enzymes that play a role in the hydrolysis of cellulose. (wikipedia.org/ auth)

Black Flies & Economic Value

Grumbul Larangan, Sokawera Village, Banyumas district - Indonesia, began to be called the Village of Flies. Some of its citizens cultivate black flies or Black Soldier Fly. Who would have thought, flies turned out to have a fairly high economic value.

In each house in Grumbul Larangan, it is equipped with a kind of green cage, and the residents call it an inscription. The place is a medium for black flies to breed. The size varies, ranging from small to large sizes reaching 4 x 2 M.

A companion of Kampung Lalat who is also from the Indonesian Muslim Workers' Union (Sarbumusi), Latief said it was not just any fly that was cultivated. "The cultivated fly is a black fly". Latief said

Physically, black flies are different from flies found in piles of garbage or other dirty places. Black covers almost all the bodies of flies. The size is also longer and bigger than ordinary flies. "It is said that this fly does not contain disease. Based on the results of the study there were 800 types of flies, most of them contained pathogens, but not with black army flies". Latief word in Indonesia (Radar Pekalongan/ auth)
He added, almost all residents of his village looked after black flies. a very easy treatment process made him interested in the people of Sokawera Village. "Of the 200 family heads, there are around 50 heads of families who have been cultivated. We hope that later all Family Heads can cultivate this black fly". He said

Different from Latief, Taufik or one of the residents of Grumbul. Another prohibition claimed to have begun to benefit from raising black flies. In addition to increasing income, it also resolves existing waste issues. Because, organic waste, especially food scraps, becomes the main meal of magot, or the black fly. "Reducing organic waste and can make fertilizer, and become feed for animals". Taufik brightness

Cultivation of black flies themselves is not a new thing. For Purwokerto, Indonesia, Taufik even mentioned that there were enough people cultivating it.

There is indeed an attraction, from this black fly. How not, the price of magot eggs is quite tempting because the price tag is around 10 million IDR / kilogramme ($ 700). "It's been about two months of cultivating black flies. The effect has begun to feel, even though it is not yet qualified. 4 times selling eggs has produced around 206 grams, with a calculation of every gram of 10 thousand IDR ($ 0.7). The market is already in Purwokerto. Buyers who come here ". Explained


How to cultivate flies is quite easy, namely by preparing a mesh space that is not too wide, to prevent flies from roaming.

Inside is a garbage box prepared from a wooden frame that is given a filter. From that place, maggots will appear which are usually eaten by flies.

Then, the top of the place is given pieces of cardboard as a place for flies to lay eggs. The eggs in the cardboard cavities will fall and be accommodated to become larvae. How, are you interested in cultivating black flies that are full of economic value, if you are interested before cultivating them, first determine their market share, so that you have no trouble selling them. Good luck...

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