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This girl's income is US $ 400/ month from lizard, it turns out that lizard for strong medicine

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The lizard sales business opportunity is utilized by Ita Purwita or a 23 year old woman from Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

But the lizard sold is not alive, but is dead and dry. Lizard may be an animal that is disgusting and even frightening to some people. But who would have thought, the reptile animal was apparently a promising trade commodity. Even lizards can be exported to China.

The dried lizard business is actually a hereditary effort that has been started by the mother since 16 years ago. Then, Ita continued and developed the business of this parent. "Initially from her business, it was 16 years oldI only started for about half a year. Initially there was a request. Sent to Surabaya". Said Ita

According to him, lizards are much sought after because they are raw materials for medicine, especially Chinese medicinal herbs. Therefore, so far the demand from the Bamboo Curtain country is quite high." Usually for medicine. It is taken all the body parts of the lizard, such as directly ground. Request from China. Usually, send every month as much as 1 quintal. The price / Kilogrammer is more than US $ 20". Said Ita Purwita

He admitted, getting his lizard from the Cirebon region and around Central Java. Before being sold, lizards obtained from collectors go through a number of processes in order to become dry and ready to sell. "Get it from the Cirebon area, then Central Java. There are collectorsstill alive then we dry it. We soak it using soap, then it will eventually die itself, then we oven it at night, the sun will dry in the sun so it dries. Then it will just be sold". He explained

He further admitted that he would earn up to US $ 400 in income every month. Ita hopes her business will continue to grow, and can export her lizard to more countries. "My income is approximately $ 400 / month, hopefully in the future it can continue to grow and can export to more other countries". He said Ita Purwita

For information, lizard is a type of reptile animal that usually sticks and creeps on the wall or on the tree. This lizard is included in the family of gekkonidae with the order squatamata which has an ash-odor and blackish brown color. As for the shape of the lizard, flat elongated with an average body size of 1-2 cm.

Based on several research sources, lizard can be classified and in morphology based on taxonomy, including:

1. Kingdom: Animalia

2. Phylum: Chordata

3. Class: Reptiles

4. Order: Squamata

5. Family: Gekkonidae

6. Sub family: Aeloroscalbotinae,Eublepharinae,Gekkoninae, Teratoscincinae, Diplodactylinae. (wikipedia.org)

Benefits of Lizards for Humans & Life

1. Meat can be used as an alternative medicine.

2. Can be used as bait for fish.

3. Remove small insects above the ceiling.

4. Have high nutritional and nutritional intake.

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