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Relics of the Second World War Figures Worth Billions, Among them Mercedes Benz Cars 770 K Owned by Adolf Hitler

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 10, 2019 | Friday, May 10, 2019

Referred to as the most historic moment in human civilization, it was commonly referred to as World War II. How not, the incident claimed tens of millions of lives, and losses worldwide were estimated at US $ 4 trillion.

That is, we can imagine how important the event is. However, behind the incident, there were several hundreds of millions of dollars worth of historical objects left by the struggle figures. Besides leaving deep scars for the victims, the incident also left antiques left behind by important figures from World War II such as Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Benito Mussolini.

Its existence is a game of history collectors all over the world. The types also vary, there are items that are used daily by these figures, there are weapons and even the writing. Finally, collectors are competing to get the intended item. Following a list of the most expensive items from World War II figures, one of which is the Mercedes Benz 770K:

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- Originally from Germany, Adolf Hitler's Mercedes Benz 770 K became the most expensive relic of World War II. This car often accompanied Hitler while marching in front of his people when he was on duty. And the price of this car if dikurs in Indonesian currency is worth 140 billion.

2. Adolf Hitler's Work Desk

- Adolf Hitler's work desk is very valuable, its value because in the Munich pact in World War II, Adolf Hitler used it when signing the agreement, and the price if dikurs in Indonesian currency worth six billion.

- Private Edward Kenna is an Australian soldier from the 2/4 battalion who served in 1945 in Wewak, Papua New Guinea. He ventured, fighting in a dangerous battlefield to achieve victory.
Despite being killed in battle, Edward Kenna managed to stop the enemy machine guns, threatening his friend. Because of that courage, he was awarded the Victoria Cross Medal in World War II which was successfully auctioned in 2011 worth 7 billion if at the exchange rate in Indonesian currency.

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4. Adolf Hitler's Enigma Machine

- Have you ever watched the film "The Immitation Game" starring Bennedict Cumberbatch ...?. The film is told about the discovery of a secret code by an enigma machine. The item was very important because it was able to know the conversations carried out by the enemy, so that the German troops knew what the allies planned. Because of this, the Enigma machine can be sold at a fantastic price of 3 billion in Indonesian currency.

5. Adolf Hitler's Luger Gun

- When World War II took place, we knew Adolf Hitler as a cruel person. He ordered his troops to kill using weapons owned by the German army at that time. One of the most famous is the Gun Luger, or a gun that is often carried by Adolf Hitler to arm himself. The value of the gun reached 2 billion in the form of Indonesian currency

6. Benito Mussolini Order of Courage Medal

- An Italian dictator at the time of World War II took place was Benito Mussolini. He was hit and didn't hesitate to kill people he didn't like. When his throne was disarmed in 1943, one of the items taken was the Order of Courage medal. And in 2012 the Medal of the Order of Courge was auctioned by the auctioneer La Galerie Numismatique, the medal was sold for 1.7 billion in the form of the Indonesian currency.

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