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Prevent xerosis, one of which is to guard natural oil on the surface of the skin

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, May 17, 2019 | Friday, May 17, 2019

The medical term for dry skin, is usually called Xerosis. This disorder can occur in men and women regardless of age.

However, those who are elderly are more at risk of experiencing it. This disease, can occur in a short time or occur for a long time. Dry skin, found in many people who live in cold areas with low humidity.

This condition, can be avoided by consuming enough water every day. Fluid intake is very necessary, because fluids are needed to moisturize human skin to remain soft and healthy.

It only kills bacteria, not kills viruses. Such drugs should not be given to flu sufferers...


Xerosis or dry skin will appear as follows:

1. Dry, rough and scaly especially in the arms and legs.

2. Pale, dull, and whitish.

3. Become reddish due to irritation.

4. Broken, peeling and prone to bleeding.

Dry skin, can cause itching. If the cracked skin is scratched, it can expand and cause skin infections.

Dry skin can be handled alone at home, but sufferers must immediately see an expert that is medical if the following symptoms appear:

1. The occurrence of a large peel of skin.

2. The appearance of a ring-shaped rash.

3. Does not improve or even worsen after using dry skin care products.

4. Removing fluid or pus.

Xerosis or dry skin, can also be caused by conditions that occur in the human body, such as:

- Menopause.
- Dehydration.
- Suffering from thyroid disease.
- Suffering from kidney failure.
- Malnutrition.
- Experience drastic weight loss
- Dry skin genes derived.
- Experience drastic weight loss.
- Medication for diuretics, retinoids or chemotherapy.

Then, xerosis can also be triggered by several factors from the environment, namely:

1. The use of bath soap with certain chemicals, for example fragrance added.

2. Rub the skin hard and rough, for example when drying the skin with a towel.

3. Bathing too often, especially with hot water.

4. Too long exposure to sunlight.

Even though it can happen to everyone, xerosis is more often experienced by people over 40 years old, likes to swim, or has a job that requires soaking body parts into water.


Xerosis can be prevented in various ways, ranging from simple skin care methods or by improving daily lifestyle.

The goal is to keep the skin moist. Here are a few steps to prevent the appearance of xerosis:

1. Don't take a shower too long.
- Natural oil that sticks to the surface of the skin can be lost if you take a shower too long, especially if you use hot water.

Therefore, limit the duration of your bath, just take 5-10 minutes to take a shower. That is to say, the natural oil on the surface of the skin is important to always be awake, so that your skin does not dry out.

2. Choose the appropriate soap.
- To maintain, choose soap that contains additional oil in it.

3. Using a skin moisturizer.
- Skin moisturizer can be used to maintain healthy skin, provided it does not contain alcohol. You can also use baby oil. Moisturizers and baby oil are good to use after bathing, when the skin is still wet.

4. Install a room moisturizer.
- A hot and dry room can make the skin more sensitive, itchy, and even peel off. Installing a room moisturizer can be an alternative to keep the skin moist.

5. Protect the skin while in a cold place.
- If traveling to an area that is cold or even snowy, it is better to use gloves, scarves and hats to cover the skin so it does not dry quickly.

6. Using sunscreen.
- The use of sunscreen when doing outdoor activities can protect the skin from sunburn.

7. Don't scratch the skin excessively.
- Scratching and rubbing the skin excessively can make the skin reddish, rough, looks dull, peeling, and damaged.

8. Consume enough water every day.
- Adequate fluid intake keeps the skin from drying out.

9. Eat foods that contain omega-3.
- Foods that contain omega-3 such as salmon produce fat that helps moisturize the skin.


Most cases of xerosis or dry skin, can be overcome by using moisturizers. Oil-based moisturizers are more effective than water-based moisturizers. To deal with dry skin, look for moisturizers that contain lactic acid and urea.

If dry skin does not improve after treatment with moisturizer, consult your doctor. The doctor will give a corticosteroid cream, such as hydrocortisone.

Other drugs that can be given are creams that affect the skin's immune system, such as pimecrolimus or tacrolimus. These drugs are used to relieve itching, redness, and inflammation.

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