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Pregnant women feel pain in the groin ...?, the following easy way to overcome them

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 23, 2019 | Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mothers who are pregnant (Pregnant) often feel pain in the groin ...?. Don't worry about mom..., basically groin pain is quite common during pregnancy. You can deal with some easy ways here.

Although it is quite disturbing to comfort, basically groin pain during pregnancy is not harmful to the health of the mother and fetus. Pregnant women who experience groin pain also still have the possibility to be able to give birth normally.

Crotch & Causes of Pain

Feeling a sore groin during pregnancy, usually caused by hormonal changes. When pregnant, the body produces relaxin hormones that function to make supporting tissues the muscles around the pelvis are more relaxed, and stretched. It is this stretch that can trigger pain in the groin during pregnancy.

Not only that, groin pain during pregnancy can also be caused by increasing the size and weight of the baby in the womb, which causes the pelvic bone of pregnant women to experience widening.

Overcoming Groin Pain

Pain in groin pain during pregnancy, usually will disappear by itself after giving birth, and does not require special treatment.

But to relieve pain and discomfort due to this condition, pregnant women can do several ways like this:

1. Sports

Although it will feel a little painful, pregnant women are advised to keep doing sports. One of the sports choices for select pregnant women is Taichi or Yoga. This exercise is useful to strengthen the groin muscles so as to reduce the pain that pregnant women feel.

To find out the right exercise or exercise movement in dealing with groin pain during pregnancy, the mother can consult with an expert (Gynecologist) first.

2. Belts

Another way that pregnant women can do to overcome groin pain is to use a special belt to support the stomach. This method can reduce the burden on the pelvis of pregnant women, so that the pain in the groin will decrease.

3. Take a break

If pregnant women do a lot of activities by standing up like ironing or cooking, don't forget to rest even if just sitting for a moment.

This is useful to reduce the impact of gravitational pressure on the pelvis, so that the feeling of discomfort in the groin can be reduced. And when sitting, pregnant women should avoid crossing their legs.

4. Sleep

The recommended sleeping position for pregnant women is facing the left side. This position is also the right choice for pregnant women when experiencing groin pain, because it can reduce pressure on blood vessels in the abdomen and pelvis. If necessary, place the pillow in the knee, while sleeping in this position.

5. Weight lifting

Especially, pregnant women are not recommended to lift heavy items, especially for pregnant women who are complaining of groin pain. Because when lifting heavy objects, the burden and pressure on the pelvis will increase, making the groin more painful.

Then, pregnant women should avoid standing or sitting positions that are too long, stand up by lifting one leg, and push heavy items, because it will make the groin pain that pregnant women feel worse.

When pregnant feel pain in the groin is actually common, and naturally occurs. It's just that, pregnant women should immediately consult an expert if the pain is getting worse, accompanied by a lot of blood coming out or ruptured membranes. May be useful...

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