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Playing chess don't use politics, it's sin

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 02, 2019 | Thursday, May 02, 2019

The strategy game played on a square board divided into 64 squares, with 32 chess pieces divided equally in bright "White" and dark "Black" groups called Chess.

This game is played by two people. before competing, players must know the rules of chess, then choose the color of the chess to be played.

Each player has 16 chess pieces with different shapes and names to play namely one king, one minister, two fortresses, two horses, two elephants, and eight pieces. Each chess fruit also has different movement rules.

The white fruit holder starts the first step, which is followed by the black fruit holder alternately until the game is finished.

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During the game, the player must move the chess pieces according to the rules, while removing the opponent's chess pieces from the board if possible, commonly called "Eating".

The player's victory is determined by the success in holding a "Dead Skill", which is the position when the opponent's king cannot avoid being "Eaten". Besides being dead, victory can also be obtained if the opponent claims to have surrendered voluntarily, which is usually caused by the number of chess pieces that is not comparable, or feels that the checkmate is inevitable. The game can also be a draw, which is referred to as "Mussels".

So, what is the chess game strategy like ...?. The strategy of playing chess when it began to feel lost in battle, the troops pulled back. After being pulled back, re-arranged the troops to counterattack when the opponent was weak.

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As for the various ways when arranging troops to carry out counter-attacks carried out if people are not sound minded, including inviting their opponents to be friends as if they were defeated, inviting their opponents to speak so that their opponents are complacent, weakening their opponent's thoughts, evenit might be possible to change the position of Pawn with a Horse when his opponent is off guard when invited to be friends and talk.

Then, after everything is arranged by utilizing the weaknesses and weaknesses of the opponent, then from that the backlash begins, because the weaknesses and weaknesses of the opponents have been analyzed, finally the victory is obtained by him, even though the victory obtained from the results of cheating. Cheating may not be a problem for those who are not healthy.

Yes..., that is the political strategy of chess for people who are not healthy ..., I suggest that you do not play chess by justifying any means, especially to exchange the position of Pawn with Horses, because that is Sin...

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