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Now the price of Lighting Bitcoin (LBTC), is quite fantastic. In addition to security related, these 5 features have also been provided

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, May 08, 2019 | Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) is an Internet-of-value protocol that is fully decentralized for global payments. Specific applications, including peer-to-peer transactions and exchange platforms.

Every user operating on the LBTC protocol can enjoy global financial transactions instant, safe, and almost free of various sizes.

While the Lightning Bitcoin on-chain governance system allows LBTC holders to choose proposals to increase blockchain, and delegates who maintain the network as Lightning Nodes.

It certainly solves the problem of centralizing bitcoin by including all participants in the Lightning Bitcoin ecosystem, into the decision making process.

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There are various features that Bitcoin Lighting has which now has a pretty fantastic price, which is the $ 6.76 coinmarketcap version, that feature is certainly to make it easier for users to be comfortable with this digital currency. Here are the various features of LBTC:

1. Autonomy.

- The on-chain governance system combines all holders in the LBTC blockchain network into the decision making process.

2. Decentralized.

- DPoS allows LBTC coin holders to select 101 lightning nodes to validate transactions, promoting greater decentralization.
3. Can be measured.

- DPoS provides high-level scalability at the cost of limiting the number of validators on the LBTC blockchain network.

4. Instant.

- Payments using the LBTC protocol are confirmed in seconds.

5. Almost free.

- Transaction fees can be as low as 0.00001 LBTC per transaction.

6. Safe.

- Built on the backbone of the Bitcoin infrastructure, which has a track record of stable networks for nine years.

In addition to features, LBTC has also prepared a storage wallet for its fans. The following is the right way to create Light Wallet and Block Explorer, how to make LBTC users have to download the Wallet at LBTC.io (lightningbitcoin.io) first, the way is:

1. Open Wallet.

- After downloading, next to make a new wallet select a standard wallet, or to import the original Bitcoin wallet select Import Bitcoin address or private key. For the record: To make an observation wallet (can't be operated) just enter the wallet address. then, to make a normal wallet, input the private key that is needed.

2. Change the wallet display parameters.

- It is possible to change the settings for display parameters, namely the steps as follows: Language, number of decimal places, basic measurement units (LBTC, and mLBTC). Then to change this setting, open Tools >> Preferences >> Appearance.

3. LBTC transfer.

- Click to Send >> Transaction Type >> Transfers. The amount of fees can be adjusted by dragging the slider.

4. Become a Delegation.

- To become a delegate node, the registration fee is 1 LBTC. Click to Send >> Transaction Type >> Register.

As for the address field, write down the address of your wallet if you want to register (View >> Show Address >> To Copy Address). Next, in the Name field, enter the name you want to register. For the record: Registered addresses cannot register new names and registered names cannot change.

In the Delegation Tab, click Refresh and you will see the new username and registered address. If you use a new wallet, at the address you can see the available account address (Above to twenty), any address can be used. For the record: Calculation of sound weight is based on the address balance. If the user wants to use the entire stake to choose, all coins must be transferred to one address.

5. Choose.

- Open the Delegation tab, on this page you can see all registered delegates. check the name of the delegate you want to choose (A maximum of 51 delegates can be selected), enter the address for your own address, and click the Vote button to complete the voting process.

Regardless of the number of delegates you choose, the voting fee for each time is 0.01 LBTC. To see your voice, click MyVotes >> Refresh.

6. Cancel Sound.

- In the MyVotes interface, check the name of the delegate you want to cancel voting in, in the Cost Address enter your own address and click Cancel Vote.

Regardless of the number of people chosen, it will take 0.01 LBTC to cancel the vote every time. Click Refresh to check that your voice has been canceled.

7. List of votes received.

- If you have registered as a delegate, you can see the address and username of the account that voted for you by clicking ReceivedVotes >> Refresh.

8. Block Explorer.

- Go to http://explorer.lbtc.io to see the sounds and rank of all delegates, click on the menu bar in the top right corner of the tool, and select Monitor Delegation...

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