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Malaysian does not want to be left behind, autonomous a head of Japanese

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 02, 2019 | Thursday, May 02, 2019

More sophisticated technology, including for the world of transportation, now Malaysia has been testing autonomous cars ahead of Japan which is trying to develop flying cars.

From Japan, transportation company, Uber Technologies Inc. and Boeing Co. working together on projects initiated by the government to realize this vehicle in the coming decades. "The Japanese government will provide support to realize the concept of flying cars, such as making acceptable rules". The Japanese trade ministry said

Hiroshige Seko or the Japanese Minister of Economy also said the same thing. He said that flying cars can reduce urban traffic, help transport on remote islands and mountainous areas during disasters.

Furthermore Hiroshige Seko said that the technology could be used in the tourism industry. But even though it has not been implemented, some parties have urged the government to issue regulations regarding this transportation model.

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The development trend of flying cars already exists throughout the world, the dream of having a flying car seems to be just one step away. Several global companies have started research and development.

Uber even started a race in creating this mode of transportation by investing 20 million US dollars to develop flying car services in Paris. This investment will run for the next five years. Furthermore, Uber has also set a goal, to start flying taxi operations in the coming 2023.

In line with Uber, Kitty Hawk, Mountain View or a pilot company founded by Google founder (Larry Page), offers a variety of flying vehicles that can carry one person. Several car developers and manufacturers such as Volkswage AG, Daimler AG, and Greely Automobile Holdings Ltd regarding the flying car model.

While not to miss also Malaysia, but Malaysia is different from Japan or Kitty Hawk Mountain View and Uber. Malaysia further develops a car without a driver, which has now been done by large manufacturers throughout the world.

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In fact, Malaysia, has begun testing the future vehicle, at a technology event, using Proton Exora. Proton took the technology company Celcom to make the smart car. Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad, along with the Minister of Communication and Multimedia (Gobind Singh Deo) tested the Proton Exora car. (Paultan, Monday 22-04/ auth)

This autonomous car is equipped with cameras, radars, and LIDAR sensors to detect the surrounding environment. This technology is connected to the system from eMooVit Technology - a startup that focuses on autonomous technology based in Singapore.

This system can allow the car to run alone. Unfortunately, the driver still has to be behind the steering wheel. Because, the steering wheel and pedal cannot be removed from the cabin. Not only that, the system is also connected to a central server to ensure that the car can provide mapping information.

The vehicle's communication goes both ways. The system will send updates that can be useful for other vehicles, such as roadblocks or hazards. This vehicle to everything cellular communication depends on cellular data. The speed offered by 5G connectivity is relevant.

Then, if there is a problem on the network, the car will rely on the onboard system or the driver takes over. Because this is a trial car, the emergency button is very important so that the driver can take over a fully driven car.

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