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Google, Amazon and Facebook were reduced to analyzing/ acquiring company data, now the price of the coin is at the level of $ 1.2

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The incentive based and fast growing blockchain system with a decentralized platform, which provides a search framework for all blockchain is Nebulas.

The project, based in Singapore Nebulas IO Foundation was founded in 2017, highlighting search engines and up to date smart contract capabilities, or things that are currently not feasible to do on Ethereal.

In the crypto community, many refer to Nebulas as "New Google". Both are similar in a certain sense, and they store different use cases. (NAS/ auth)

While for Google it is intended as a daily internet information search, in contrast Nebulas focuses on searching among decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, and user blockgain assets.

Until now, Nebulas tokens (NAS) are ERC20 tokens. But, when the main net launch last March, the NAS will switch from a different Ethereal block to a different Nebulas chain.

Based on his writing, Nebulas's mission is "bringing us to a better life with a higher level of freedom and equality".

Their group hopes that the blockchain technology will help facilitate changes to public data into personal data, thereby reducing the possibility of large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook analyzing/ acquiring data.

But do you know ...?, NAS (Nebulas) which was founded in 2017 with a project based in Singapore Nebulas IO Foundation, has a relatively good price compared to other altcoins.

Where based on the price in the coinmarketcap, Nebulas outperformed the other altcoins born in the same year.
This means that NAS, which is now worth $ 1,2058884, is perfect for you lyrics as assets investing in digital currencies. Of course you will feel loss, if you do not immediately save it from now on.

Because as time goes on, Nebulas (NAS) coins price increases. But keep in mind, if you only have money, don't buy all of your money for this coin, split half of your money into buying the coin. Good luck and success always...

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