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Fift was created for Open Network Telegram

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Encrypted instant messaging services that are privacy focused and popular like Telegram, in 2019 the messenger platform announced the launch of the new 'Fift' programming language created for TON (Telegram Open Network).

The Telegram channel project mentions, the Fift language has been specifically designed to develop and manage smart TON blockchain contracts. The new language will also be used to interact with the TON Virtual Machine.

TON Virtual Machine will execute smart contract code in the TON blockchain network, in turn supporting all operations needed to analyze messages and incoming data to create new messages, and modify persistent data.

Messages shared at official posts offer a summary of Fift, including the basics and operations of language specific TON.
The TON network will be used for decentralized application hosting, such as the Ethereum network.

Telegram plans to launch TON in Q3 2019TON release is eagerly awaited in the crypto world and blockchain.

Telegram reportedly started a private beta test from the TON blockchain network back in April, and it's open to a number of global developers.

Although there were no concrete results from beta testing, anonymous testers who had the opportunity to use it, claimed that the TON blockchain provides very high transaction speeds. Understood, are you doubtful about Telegram ...?.

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