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Excited, the world's most economical man only spends less than 10 $ a year. Apparently this is what he did ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 07, 2019 | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

The most economical man in the world makes a scene in the world community, that is because the most economical man in the world spends not up to $ 10 a year.

To note, the most economical man in the world is concerned about living wasteful, so he was nicknamed the most economical man in the world. A freegans named Daniel Tay spent only US $ 8 for his food needs during 2017.

According to cleo.com, the Singaporean man told him about his lifestyle so far. He is a garbage diver who is looking for used goods for his needs, including food.

Maybe you don't know yet, what are you freegan. Freegans are those who are concerned with the fact that there has been tremendous waste for a lifestyle.

And the 38-year-old man defines freegan according to him. "A freegan is a person who spends very little moneyhe tried to get everything for free ". Said Daniel Tay

Every month, Daniel only spends money on needs such as bills, investments and mortgages. When he buys food for his cat, he seldom buys food for himself.

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How does he start ...?.

Daniel works as a financial planner.
The opportunity to meet strangers in November 2016 changed his life. In an Honesty Circles event, people talked about money, he finally met a man named Colin. About 20 to 30 of us talk about giving up payment of stable salaries to pursue our desires". He Said

Daniel collects food that is still edible. That was according to information
freeganinsingapore.wordpress.com." But when it was Colin's turn, he said I was at the age of 40, retired and only spent 100 US dollars a month. I don't need to worry about money because I get everything for free. So Colin said". Said Daniel

Colin spends 100 US dollars a month to pay bills. Daniel was amazed, how could Colin do it. While he who is a financial planner alone must at least spend 1,500 US dollars in a month to survive in Singapore.

Colin had lived as a freegan before for two years. Colin has studied freegan from the internet. He dug into garbage in stores and supermarkets, and collected food that his neighbors would throw away. After exchanging ideas with Colin, Daniel was excited to try his lifestyle.

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Daniel Tay's journey to freeganism...

All of Daniel's plans went far better than expected. His neighbors happily gave him the food they were supposed to throw away. They even thanked Daniel for saving them from waste.

The neighbors also finally put the food they did not want, at the door of Daniel's house every day. "It hasn't stopped since. I wake up to eat outside my door every morning ". He said

Since then, Daniel feels that his relationship with his neighbors is also getting closer. He was also able to collect so much edible fruit and vegetables that he filled his fridge. Because of the amount, Daniel also shared with his other neighbors again.

Furthermore, Daniel also does not spend money on other needs such as bathing. He looked for the remains of soap and shampoo in the trash (The habit of people throwing away these items even though there were still half of them left). Daniel also found bags, shoes, other household appliances, even a PlayStation 3 console that is still functioning.

The many items he found made other problems or hoarding. Daniel regularly posts photos of a large number of items that he found freeganinsingapore or his site

However, these buried items actually make the freegan community charitable. They have donated a lot of fruit and vegetables to the local soup kitchen to make free food for those who are willing. Donors also always make sure they know where these foods come from before. "People become freegans for three reasons, first they want to save money, second they want to save others, and third they want to save the earth". The light

While Daniel's motivation was initially to get free items, and save money. But, now Daniel is no longer worried about money, he cares about how to reduce waste. Daniel takes the meaning of the lifestyle he lives. It's not just something cheap he is looking for, it is not a free item so he does not need to work.

For Daniel, saving money allows him to buy time and freedom, which he thinks is the most expensive thing. He wants to be able to live life by doing the things he wants, including trying new things, and managing his local freegan community. Very interesting not about what Daniel Tay did, do you want to be like him ...?, please fill in the comments column of this article...

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