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Don't hesitate to invest through Walton coins (WTC). With its 6 main functions, now it is worth more than 2 dollars

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, May 16, 2019 | Thursday, May 16, 2019

Waltonchain is trying to combine Radio Frequency Identification technology with blockchain technology, this is to create transparency and decentralization in the company's supply chain organizations.

Do you know, what is Waltonchain and Walton (WTC) ...?

Walton (WTC) is a cryptocurrency used for government, and pays transactions on the Walton blockchain. While for Walton Chain, trying to combine the two, namely Radio Frequency Identification technology with Blockchain.

The main purpose of the platform, which is to produce cheap and small RFID tags that are used to mark items such as clothing, each tag contains a unique ID that is easy to read with login information on the blockchain.

By tracking items on the blockchain, it allows companies to cheaply and efficiently improve their supply chain management and verify the authenticity of goods. This can also be used by retail stores to maintain inventory, because each item has a unique identifier.

Walton coins have six different main functions that make them better than others such as dividend interest, publish sub-chains, decentralized exchanges, create and mortgage systems, sound systems and distributed governance, and exchange of distributed assets. And now, the price of Walton (WTC) with its 6 main functions has been in the price range of $ 2.2074242 coinmarketcap version.
Then, you can use it to write products in the store, as well as information about customers and preferences. In general, it simplifies the production process, reduces costs, and also creates access to the center of decentralization.

But he has problems, one of the problems is how to connect RFID safely and prevent fraud. How do we forbid people from accepting RFID, and this is a problem that Waltonchain must solve before it can really take off.

As you can see, Waltonchain is certainly a boon in terms of streamlining supply chain management effectively, minimizing costs and creating decentralized storage.

Interesting is not this Walton coin, if it attracts the attention of all friends, always monitor the price of this Walton (WTC) coin. But don't forget, to buy it also as a savings for your success in the future. Don't hesitate... !!!, happy to invest in all my friends...

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