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Dangerous and intangible, now this poison can help treat leukemia

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Substances or compounds that enter the body in various ways, and inhibit responses to biological systems cause health problems, diseases and even death, called toxins. We generally know that many chemicals have dangerous or toxic properties.

In general, poisons are solid, liquid, or gas substances, which can interfere with the life process of an organism's cell. Toxins can enter the body through the oral (Mouth), as well as topical (Body surface). In relation to biology, poisons are substances that cause injury, pain, and death of organisms, usually by chemical reactions or other activities on a molecular scale. (wikipedia.org/ auth)

Surely if the poison enters the body, then someone can experience poisoning. There are many various kinds of poisons, some of which can be detected and some that are not, such as Arsenic and Cyanide which are not detected in plain view.

It is difficult to detect arsenic poison by naked eye because it is odorless, colorless and has no taste when ingested, therefore making arsenic poison very dangerous.

Arsenic itself is a chemical compound that is produced naturally in the earth's crust. For you to understand, arsenic poison is a deadly poison, it is the same as poison cyanide.

This substance can be found in water, air and soil naturally. That is why, arsenic is also found in several types of food, such as seafood, milk, and meat.

Then, What is Arsenic Poison ...?

Arsenic poison is artificial arsenic or also called inorganic arsenic, which is commonly used for mining purposes, including coal mining and copper smelting.

This compound is also widely used in several industrial sectors, such as glass processing, textiles, paints, wood preservatives, and ammunition. In the agricultural industry sector, the compound is used as a mixture to make fertilizers and pesticides.

Meanwhile, this industrial area of arsenic poisoning is alleged to be higher and dangerous. This is because arsenic toxic waste can pollute the environment in the region. Then someone is susceptible to arsenic poisoning if:

1. Drinking contaminated ground water from arsenic poison.

2. Eat food from crops grown on the ground, or flow with polluted water from arsenic.

3. Smoking, especially cigarettes from tobacco plants polluted with arsenic poison.

4. Work or live in the mining area, and factories that use arsenic poison as a result of breathing polluted air from arsenic.

Furthermore in some criminal cases, artificial arsenic poison is used as a tool to kill, or to commit suicide.

Health Impact

Arsenic poison that enters the body will cause different effects, depending on the dose and the period of exposure.

Very low levels of arsenic contamination, may not have a serious impact on health. But if the contamination is in moderate or large quantities, arsenic poisoning can occur. And here are the symptoms of arsenic poisoning :

1. Indigestion, such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

2. Muscle cramps.

3. Disorders of the brain, such as headaches, seizures, delirium, and coma.

4. Hard to breathe.

5. Irregular heart beat.

6. Tingling in the fingers and toes.

7. Red and swollen skin.

8. Urine is dark or blackish.

9. Breath and garlic-flavored urine.

If not immediately received help, arsenic poisoning can cause death. In pregnant women, arsenic poisoning can cause the baby they conceive to die, or be born disabled.

Then, someone who is continually contaminated with arsenic at low to moderate doses, for long periods of time, can show symptoms of:

1. The skin becomes reddish or darker.

2. The appearance of lumps on the skin that resemble warts.

3. Swelling of the skin.

4. The appearance of white lines on the fingernails.

5. Damage to the heart, liver, kidneys and nerves.

Based on a number of studies, it was reported that people who had long been contaminated with arsenic poison in moderate doses were also at risk of complications such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

But even though it is known to be a very dangerous poison, arsenic has a positive side, especially its benefits in the medical world.

Arsenic in certain doses has been used to treat several diseases, such as psoriasis, syphilis, skin ulcers, and joint disease. Now, " this compound can be used to help treat certain types of leukemia".

Furthermore if you are at risk of being exposed to arsenic poisons or experiencing some of the signs and symptoms described, immediately go to the nearest hospital to get medical help. Do it as soon as possible and do not be delayed, if delayed, it is likely to have a negative impact on your health. Happy activities, and hopefully always healthy...

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