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Controlling fear is just getting rid of Agoraphobia

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, May 07, 2019 | Tuesday, May 07, 2019

One type of anxiety disorder in humans where the sufferer feels excessive fear, and avoids a place or situation that creates a sense of panic, makes him embarrassed, trapped or helpless, scientifically called Agoraphobia.

These situations, among others, when using mass transportation, in crowds, or in line. Open spaces such as bridges and parking lots, as well as closed spaces such as shops and cinemas also make people with agoraphobia worry.

Most agoraphobia disorders develop after the sufferer experiences one or more panic attacks. If forced to go to public places, agoraphobia sufferers feel the need to be accompanied by people they trust, such as family members or close friends, because they don't feel safe.

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For that reason, the symptoms felt by agoraphobia sufferers can be grouped into three types, including :

1. Physical symptoms.

- Usually only appears when the patient is in a situation or environment that triggers anxiety.

- Physical symptoms of agoraphobia include heart rate and breathing becoming fast, feeling hot and sweating, feeling unwell, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, diarrhea, trembling, dizziness, tinnitus, and feeling faint.

2. Cognitive symptoms.

- Cognitive is the patient's feelings or thoughts that can be related to physical symptoms. Some cognitive symptoms of agoraphobia, among others, are the fear that panic attacks experienced will threaten life and make it look like a fool.

- If a panic attack occurs, the sufferer feels that he cannot escape the situation. Patients also feel afraid of losing sanity, self-control, and being the center of attention of people around him.

3. Behavioral symptoms.

- Symptoms of behavior such as avoiding prone situations create panic attacks, such as being in public transportation, lines, or in crowds.

- Patients also avoid going out of the house or not being able to leave home for a long time, and need someone who is trusted to accompany them anywhere.

But until now, the exact cause of agoraphobia has still not been found. Agoraphobia generally develops as a complication of panic attacks.

This is due to avoidance and excessive fear of panic attacks. Biological factors (Health and hereditary conditions), nature and behavior, environmental stresses, and life experiences contribute to the development of agoraphobia.

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Among several other factors besides panic disorder that can increase a person's risk of developing agoraphobia are:

1. Age.

- Agoraphobia can begin to be felt while still a child, but generally only felt when someone enters the transition phase from adolescence to adulthood. Usually before reaching the age of 35 years.

3. Suffering from a phobia.

- In addition to panic disorder, agoraphobia can be triggered by excessive fear (Phobia) of something.

4. Have experienced a traumatic event

- Traumatic events such as torture or family death.

5. Having an easily anxious and nervous nature.

6. Have family members who suffer from agoraphobia.

But don't worry, because Agoraphobis is exposed to several treatment steps that can be done, and to overcome this agoraphobia is by:

1. Psychotherapy.

- Patients will be assisted by a psychologist or psychiatrist to learn to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Examples of therapies that can be done are cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy.

2. Take medicines.

- Doctors will also prescribe antidepressant drugs or anti-anxiety drugs to relieve symptoms of anxiety.

Meanwhile, for sure steps to prevent agoraphobia it does not exist. However, anxiety tends to increase if the patient avoids the feared situation.

And if you are a sufferer of agoraphobia, the authors suggest practicing to overcome and control the fear of a place. Then invite family members or friends to go together to the feared place.

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