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Confused for venture capital, don't worry about the following 5 things you might try

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, May 01, 2019 | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

To start a business, we certainly must have capital. But whatever the power, if we don't have a dollar of capital to run the business.

Business capital is sometimes used as an inhibiting factor for people to dare to open their own business or business. Because thinking, that big capital is the key to success.

Very true, with large capital we can develop our business more optimally. But with small capital you can actually be more maximal, as long as it is used properly and efficiently.

Our weakness with small capital is to be confused if we want to innovate more, we have to wait for capital to be able to execute it. While if you have large capital, you don't need to think about it anymore.

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Even so, regardless of small or large capital, many are also confused about how to obtain business capital. More over, only a side business is carried out, if there is free time. To answer this doubt, let's look at some of these ways to get venture capital:

1. Relying on Savings

As the name suggests, a side business is just a free time project to increase the income coffers. Usually run by housewives, or office workers who already have a fixed income every month.

While the capital to open a side business can be started from mobilizing savings money. The trick, set aside what percentage of our salary for business posts. then, if you have accumulated a lot, we just start to run the business.

But the weakness of this method, we have to wait a long time until the money is sufficient for business capital. Then the advantage is that we do not have dependents to other parties, because it is not the loan capital.

2. Auctioning or mortgaging personal property.

Opening a side business is not a pleasant thing at first. We must work hard and work hard to develop it. No wonder that sometimes we have to sacrifice everything, from time to wealth.

In looking for business capital for example, if we have no savings, but are eager to run a business or any business, it will definitely be done. The fastest alternative way to get enough capital is by auctioning valuables or pawning them.

Valuables can be jewelry, electronic devices, vehicles or others. Because this method is achieved by sacrificing valuable assets, we must use the money as efficiently as possible for business capital.

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3. Inviting business partners.

If we lack business capital, you can invite your friends to join. Make him a business partner who is mutually beneficial. Look for friends who have interests, and similar tastes to be able to run a business together and in line.

Offer him a promising advantage, for example, as an investor with a system that gets a few percent profit. Or, it could also ask him to join in directly running a business with a profit sharing system.

4. Borrow money from friends or family.

Borrowing is one of the methods most often used by entrepreneurs to find capital. This is done when your savings are insufficient, or the assets you have are not valuable enough to sell. Usually borrowing from a bank is the main choice, because we can get a lot of money. However, for the risk of borrowing money at the bank, the interest must be ready for us to bear.

5. Capital from buyers/ consumers.

Some side businesses sometimes do not require large business capital. Like for example, catering services, or cake making services.

If we are one of the people who jumps into the business, just use your buyer or consumer payment as capital. We make a pay system at the beginning for every order that enters. Then, from that payment, we can make capital to make their orders.

Actually there is one more way to be able to get business capital, namely by collecting funds from the community. But it looks like if for a side business, we don't need that method, except for our large-scale side business like opening cafes, opening boutiques and restaurants.

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