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Australian is negligent in printing 50 dollars in new money

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, May 11, 2019 | Saturday, May 11, 2019

Just released a few months ago, the new banknotes belonging to the kangaroo (Australian) state turned out to have little deficiency or error in printing.

Bank notes with a value of 50 Australian dollars are claimed to have a high level of security, which can make it difficult for criminals to fake them. The Australian national bank released the new banknotes sheet in October of the previous year.

However, it was only seven months after it was launched and officially circulated in the community, this 50 dollar Australian dollar was only found to have a lack of letters of the alphabet on the intended banknotes.

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This bank note with yellow and green sheets contains a number of security features to maintain its authenticity, one of which is the micro-text of a speech made by Australians first female MP, Edith Cowan. and the text, was Cowan's first speech in 1921.

In the speech, there is the phrase "I am standing here today in a unique position as the first woman in the Australian parliament. This is a big responsibility". But in the word "responsibility", which should be written "responsibility", it turns out it is written to be "responsibilty" or lose one letter of the alphabet (i).
Even though this new money sheet owned by the kangaroo state was made with advanced technology, it turned out that the technology was not included in spelling checking. The text of the speech printed on paper money is very small, so it is almost impossible to read with the naked eye.

Maybe this also caused spelling mistakes that escaped inspection by the Reserve Bank of Australia. And if it wasn't for a radio listener with sharp eyes as a reporter, it was very likely that the erroneous writing on the banknote would never be known.

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Unfortunately, despite being aware of the shortcomings or errors in the text of the intended speech, the Australian national bank has no plans to withdraw the new banknotes from circulation. "The Reserve Bank of Australia has realized it and the spelling mistakes will be corrected in the next print". Said one Australian national bank spokesman (AFP/ auth)

Related to mistakes or the lack of writing the letter (i) on this new 50 dollar Australian bill, it is possible that many money collectors will seek because of printing negligence.

Moreover, this is because Edith Cowan played an important role in winning votes for women in Western Australia, and he was chosen to be the first female member of the kangaroo country at the age of 60.

And the election of Edith Cowan as a member of parliament, also played an important role in opening the profession in the field of law and other fields, for the women of the kangaroo country.

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