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Amygdalina vernonia works to increase fertility, treat gout and prevent cancer

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, May 11, 2019 | Saturday, May 11, 2019

Herbal plants have long been used by the community to prevent and treat various diseases, although the benefits of many herbal plants for health do not yet have strong medical evidence, not to mention the use of side effects.

One of the herbal plants that is trusted by many people, although it does not yet have strong medical evidence, is Vernonia Amygdalina or African Leaves. Then, what are the benefits of African leaves for health ...?. The following authors explain below...

Leaf Africa is the name for an herbal plant that lives a lot in the continent of Africa, especially West Africa (Nigerian) This African leaf is believed to have been used for generations by the people in the area as traditional medicine.

Vernonia amygdalina or the Latin name of African leaves, claimed to have many health benefits. This can not be separated from the nutritional content in the leaves of Africa, which consists of vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, and zinc. Fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats that complement the nutritional content of African leaves.

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Because of a number of nutritious substances contained by African leaves, the benefits of African leaves are created for health. And here is an overview of African leaves and the benefits that need to be known:

1. Treat typhus

Typhus is caused by a pathogenic bacterial infection namely Salmonella typhi. To reduce symptoms while accelerating the process of healing typhus, one way to do this is to consume African leaf extract. The benefits of African leaves for health are produced from antibacterial and antibiotic substances that are effective against bad bacteria.

2. Treating inflammation

African leaf extract is enriched by a number of substances that are anti-inflammatory. This then produces the benefits of African leaves to treat inflammation (Inflammation), one of which is caused by the growth of inflammatory trigger compounds named prostaglandin. Or, in cases of joint inflammation caused by a lack of magnesium mineral intake, African leaves can also be a perfect solution to overcome this health disorder because one of the main ingredients of African leaves is magnesium.

3. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease caused by high blood sugar levels in the body, even exceeding normal limits. In addition to taking medication with chemical drugs, you people with diabetes can also take African leaves and their benefits to control blood sugar levels in the body so that they are always in normal numbers.

4. Minimizing the Risk of Heart Disease

Heart attack disease is mainly triggered by narrowing of the heart arteries to impact on the lack of blood and oxygen supply to the heart. Eating African leaves regularly is also believed to be able to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease, namely a heart attack.

This is because African leaves are enriched with antioxidant and antiseptic substances, namely omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Both of these substances according to a study published by the Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Design are effective in treating the function of arteries.

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5. Reduce cholesterol levels

The narrowed arteries are also triggered by other factors, namely accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body. The study released by the Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management revealed that African leaves have been shown to reduce fat levels of bad cholesterol even by 50 percent. However, the object of research that is still in the form of rodents makes the benefits of African leaves for this one health not yet strong and still needs further research with human objects.

6. Reducing Blood Pressure

African leaves contain potassium. The mineral content of potassium according to a number of studies results in the benefits of African leaves to reduce diastolic and systolic blood pressure by 2.5 mmHg and 4.4 mmHg respectively.

7. Gout medicine

Do you have gout ...?. If yes, then one way to deal with gout that is experienced is to take African leaves and the benefits that it turns out, can also stimulate the removal of excess uric acid through urine.

8. Prevent Kidney Disease

The kidney is one of the important organs in the body that must be kept in good health to function properly. African Leaves are the perfect solution to prevent kidney disease. The benefits of African leaves for kidney health are produced by the content of vitamins, fatty acids, and phenolic acids that function as antioxidants.

9. Prevent Cancer

Preventing the growth and development of cancer cells is the benefit of other unexpected African leaves. The presence of anti-cancer substances in the leaves of Africa is the reason why these leaves are required for you to consume in order to avoid the risk of developing cancer later on. African leaves and their benefits are revealed by a journal from Experimental Biology and Medicine.

The journal stated that African leaves are effective in preventing breast cancer thanks to the role of antioxidants that function to counteract DNA cell damage due to oxidation activities triggered by free radicals.

10. Increase Fertility

Amygdalina Vernonia or African Leaves, although not yet supported by strong medical evidence, are also believed to increase fertility in both men and women. In men, consuming African leaves regularly is claimed to improve sperm quality. While for women, African leaves have the benefit of preventing the appearance of cysts in the uterus.

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