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Your mouth smells ...?, treat it in a practical and easy way like this

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Saturday, April 27, 2019

Bad breath or also called halitosis is a condition where a person has an unpleasant aroma of breath.

Yhis condition is generally caused by food consumed, unclean oral hygiene, certain health conditions, or bad lifestyle, such as smoking and consuming alcohol.

Some people use gum and oral cleansing products to eliminate bad breath.

The use of these products generally only has a temporary effect. The recommended way to eliminate bad breath is to overcome the cause.

Symptoms of bad breath

Symptoms of bad breath are usually accompanied by the appearance of signs or symptoms that occur in the mouth. these signs or symptoms include, including:

- Discomfort or acid arises in the mouth.

- Dry mouth.

- The tongue is white.

Causes of mouth odor

Bad breath can be caused by many things, such as:

- Food.

Red onion, garlic, cheese, fish, spicy foods, orange juice, soda, and coffee can cause bad breath. The food will enter the bloodstream and be carried to the kidneys to cause bad breath.

- Food left over.

Food left in the mouth or in the teeth and braces can cause bacterial and plaque growth in the mouth.

The bacteria and plaque in the mouth will then cause bad breath.

- Dentures.

The use of improper or loose dentures can cause infection. The infection that occurs can cause bad breath.

- Smoking and consuming alcohol.

Smoking and consuming alcohol can leave substances in the mouth. These substances will settle and cause mouth odor.

- Oral hygiene that is not maintained.

Rarely do brushing your teeth can cause leftover food in your mouth to rot so that the breath becomes smelly.

Oral hygiene that is not maintained can also cause plaque and potentially trigger periodonitis.

- Dry mouth.

Saliva functions as a mouth cleanser and overcomes leftover food scraps. When the mouth is dry, saliva production will decrease, so bad breath can appear.

The mouth will dry out when someone is sleeping so that the breath will smell bad in the morning. This condition is commonly called "morning breath". Morning breathing can worsen if the patient falls asleep with his mouth open.

- Drugs.

Medications that are being consumed can also cause bad breath. Antihistamine drugs and diuretics are examples of drugs that have dry mouth side effects, which is one of the main causes of bad breath.

- Pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting that commonly appear during pregnancy is one of the causes of bad breath in pregnant women.

In addition, this condition can also be triggered by hormonal changes, dehydration, and high and varied eating desires during pregnancy.

Prevention and Treatment of Mouth Odor

Treatment of bad breath can vary depending on the cause. The following is a prevention as well as a common treatment to treat bad breath, as for prevention and treatment, namely:

- Pay attention to eating patterns and menu.

- Clean your mouth regularly. Keep your mouth clean by diligently brushing your teeth.

Also do cleansing on the tongue to remove bacteria that are on the surface.

- Perform routine checks to the dentist, especially for those who put dentures or braces.

- Stop smoking and consume alcohol.

- Consumption of low-sugar candy or gum to prevent the mouth from drying out.

- Increase drinking and eating foods that require a lot of chewing like apples and carrots.

- Use oral cleansing products.

- Chewing mint leaves or parsley.

- Consult with a doctor If bad breath is caused by other conditions. This is done so that patients get the right therapy.

- Consult a doctor first before using drugs, including supplements and herbal products.

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