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What ...?, Facebook Coin will be successful ... !!!

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Friday, April 12, 2019 | Friday, April 12, 2019

After The New York Times & Bloomberg tried to convince the world of the truth about Facebook Coin through anonymous sources, another affirmation came from Ross Adam Sandler, Internet Analyst from Barclays.

Sandler believes Facebook Coin will succeed in working on this type of drug to increase Facebook revenue to tens of billions of US dollars, including the benefits of improving the company's image in the midst of unpleasant smokes due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

"Even though Facebook has not confirmed the value, I predict that through Facebook Cooin, Facebook will be able to generate revenues of at least US $ 19 billion in 2021, in fact, it is not impossible that there will be an additional US $ 3 billion when it is implemented. If this happens, it can change our perspective on Facebook". Said Sandler (CNBC/ author)

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Sandlers said again, if Facebook Coin is based on a type of US dollar-based coin, then this does not attract the attention of speculators who usually play in the volatility of the price of crypto assets.

Sandlers rate, with Facebook Coin, there is a possibility that Facebook wants to play in the realm that has been occupied by Google Play.

The Google application trading service, he said, contributed US $ 6 / user net income to Google."Facebook wants to play in a similar rhythm before 3 billion users ". Sandler said

Facebook actually failed twice into the realm of online payments. Facebook has Facebook Credits in 2011, and went out two years later. there were also Facebook Gifts in 2012 and the same fate the next two years.

Facebook still maintains Facebook Messenger Payments which were launched in 2015 in the United States and developed its services in Europe two years later.

But the latter service is not as ideal as expected, if it refers to an easy, fast and inexpensive money transfer scheme. Facebook Messenger Payments are also not available in many countries.

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The application of Facebook Coin will obviously be different from the three Facebook services, because obviously it doesn't use a credit or debit card to buy a virtual currency. Facebook Credits, for example, set the price of 1 unit of the virtual eye equivalent to US $ 10 cents.

With Facebook Coin, as previously mentioned, will make its own currency based on blockchain and based on the price of US dollars. Facebook Coin can later be used to buy applications or buy premium content provided.

"The main problem with Facebook Credits is the cost of interchange costs that are not cheap, because they have to use other intermediaries, namely certain credit cards. Obviously this is burdening the company's profits, especially when it comes to managing very many transactions with high volume. According to our study, the first version will be used for micro payments and domestic money transfers ". Add him (Sandler)

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