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Want to Know How to Use a Bitcoin Mixer, Learn More Here

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 02, 2019 | Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Bitcoin tumbling (mixing) uses third-party services to make connections between the address of the wallet that sent the coin and the address that received the coin.

A peer-to-peer tumbler was developed to try to correct the deficiencies of a centralized mixing model.

This service is intended to replace the meeting place for Bitcoin users.

Aside from the mixing server, none of the other parties were involved and knew the connection between the incoming and outgoing wallet addresses. This transaction can be run several times with a different address to make transaction analysis more complicated.

There are also a few coins, like Cloakcoin, Dash, PIVX, and Zcoin that have integrated services integrated into their blockchain networks.

For you to know that if you use improper and unreliable mixing services, then chances are that your coin can be stolen.

Bitcoin Mixer ...?, Like This How to Use it

We will discuss simple steps to start mixing bitcoin. It should be noted that users must already know how to send bitcoin and use the. Onion site before continuing these steps. To mix coins using this method, all you need to have is:

1. Bitcoin

2. Can use the browser

3. To be able to create a new Bitcoin wallet, you can use blockchain.info

Complete guide

1. Make No. 1 BTC wallet on clearnet

2. Transfer your BTC to wallet no1

3. Create second BTC wallet no.2

3. Move your coins from wallet no1 directly to wallet no.2

4. Create number 3 BTC wallet

5. Be careful choosing the mixer service and managing your transactions, Always verify if you use the correct .ONION link

6. Send BTC from the no.2 wallet through the browser to the address provided by the mixer

7. If you do not have a deposit address, log in and get when your JavaScript is turned off

8. He hidden Tor info service can be used to check whether the coin has entered from the mixer

The only problem here is that companies that have the mixing service have your transaction lists and records, even though they say they store it after the transaction is finished, they can still track where your coins have been sent.

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