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TRON Odyssey 3.1 And 3 Significant Changes

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Wednesday, April 03, 2019 | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

TRON's fame cannot be ignored, there is still significant interest in this project, despite the fact that developers are dissatisfied with the way this project developed.

To overcome this, various new changes will be made and introduced in Tron Odyssey version 3.1. Here are the 3 main changes that will occur at Tron:

# Tron Virtual Machine

The change that will occur in TRON is the biggest update that will be upgraded by the Odyssey 3.1 on the TRON Virtual Machine. This concept has been hinted at for some time starting from now and the impact will become clear after an upgrade is made to TRON's main network.

Such great development promises significant positive changes for TRX users. The TRON Instance will make the network 200x faster than Ethereum and at least 100x cheaper than EOS.

Competition between cryptocurrency and the dApp ecosystem has always been a promising sign because it paved the way for wider adoption.

# Lower Operational Costs of dApp

Most dApp developers have realized that running decentralized applications on certain networks is very expensive.

As in the case of EOS, dApp's maintenance costs are close to $ 10,000 per year. Very high value, especially if the application does not always generate a lot of income.

For TRON, dApp operating costs tend to float on the high spectrum side, and will change when the Odyssey 3.1 appears, although explicit improvements have not been highlighted at this time.

Anything that makes the development and maintenance of dApp simpler and cheaper will be highly appreciated by developers and application users.

# Improved Performance and Stability

In the world of cryptocurrency, a project is often ignored based on performance. Even though TRON does not do anything negative in this case, every individual project needs an increase in performance if possible.

If this technology is designed to take cryptocurrency and blockchain, the current level of performance will prove to be very inadequate.

TRON developers are very confident that Odyssey 3.1 will be very beneficial for decentralized application developers.

Similar to Ethereum and EOS, TRON has its own dApp ecosystem which requires the right buffer technology to reach its full potential.

Overall improvement is always accepted and performance improvements will benefit all TRX users in the long run.

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