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The technique of getting the latest updated ZCash coin ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 | Tuesday, April 16, 2019

ZEC or ZCash is a currency that is developed anonymously, it is exactly the same as bitcoin.

While the blockchain is dibitcoin, anyone can view transactions between all wallets and see the balance of each wallet.

But on Zcash it is possible to make transactions without showing the wallet balance (which represents the address).

To date, Zcash is crypto which is ranked 25 years among all the most valuable coin types, in terms of market limits ($ 500 million), and this shows a relatively high volume ($ 60 million/ day).

What is the mining process ...?

The blockchain enables decentralized fund transfers, while security and fraud prevention are carried out by encryption, therefore it is named with crypto, because crypto is a method for encryption. Transaction encryption and verification requires work.

Computers that do this kind of work, basically solving mathematical puzzles, can write the next block in the chain, and then be rewarded with coins - this is actually a mining process operation. The more miners the network has, the stronger and faster and safer.

Are you interested in mining ...? . If yes, then you are right to visit this blog, because in this post you will find an easy way to mine zcash for beginners. Crypto world grows rapidly throughout the world.

Crypto marketcap continues to grow with the highest volume. The basis for creating crypto values is mining, and all crypto coins are led by bitcoin.

While "old world" coins, as we all know, are still issued by centralized bodies such as banks and governments, and are created in a printed way so they are in the form of paper money, but the process of making money in the crypto world is decentralized.

Decentralization is done using blockchain technology. Blockchain, is a type of ledger that is tasked with confirming transactions and living in cloud-distributed mode.

In other words, a group of computers around the world hold a copy of the ledger for each change given in it, all copies are updated.

If most computers authorize transactions, the money is transferred safely and added to the next block.

# 6 Easy Ways to mining zcash for beginners

Please see in detail the easy zcash mining method for beginners below:

1. Resources

Get the best hardware so that it will produce more hashrates and will benefit from the hardware speed. If you are still having trouble finding the hardware please read the following post.

2. Register in the mining pool

Visit https://miningpoolhub.com/, fill in the details and confirm the email sent: Select the 4 digit pin code that will be used in each transaction. Go to the site and select Zcash on the left side - click "wallet" and enter your ZEC wallet address. Click "Update Account".

3. Download Mining Software

Download the latest version of https://miningpoolhub.com/ and select the most appropriate software for your computer. The executable file (mine.bat) must be created and the following content must be in it:

"exe -cd 0 -t 4 -l us-east1.zcash.miningpoolhub.com:20570-u USER.rig9 -p x"

The word "User" must be replaced with the username that you use on miningpoolhub. Rig1 does not need to be replaced unless you want to mine with more than one mining machine.

4. Activate mining and monitoring your mining area

Click "workers" and select one of the jos (job default account) according to your card. Run the file that you have created (mine.bat). Make sure there are no errors and messages that approve your mining has been received. If you don't get this message, you make a mistake.

After the program starts you will see that workers (called mining) are added to the "workers" screen. On the site, click "Dashboard" to view mining data (This will take time until you see something; and it is updated according to the work done by your mining machine).

5. Drag coins into your personal wallet

After collecting coins with a specified amount and please withdraw your own wallet, click "wallet" and then "cash out". Verify the number and address of the wallet first. Within minutes, the amount will be sent to your wallet.

6. Install applications such as MSI Afterburner

This is done to control the card fan. In its default mode, low power allows the card to reach a temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius (This is normal if you play for a while but are not healthy when turning on the engine 24 hours a day).

It is recommended to place the fan regularly at a certain percentage so that the card heat is around 60 degrees (note that during the day the house is warmer and the temperature is suitable).

How do you post zcash mining for you basic level players, how do you experience mining zcash ...?. Please let us know by leaving a comment below ...

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