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The secret is a great investment that can benefit from cryptocurrency

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, April 04, 2019 | Thursday, April 04, 2019

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Although journalists' reporting on cryptocurrency prices has been reduced, digital currencies are already on many investor radars. A different opinion is whether cryptocurrency madness is just a bubble or is now the right time to invest.

With a very different perspective, many ask whether you can make profit by investing in cryptocurrency or not. in short, that potential still exists. However, this is not a fast process there are still many obstacles that need to be faced.

In this article, we will look at what you need to consider when investing in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. We must explain that, like many investments, there is no guarantee.

This is very true for digital currency markets that are often volatile. Don't invest money that you can't lose. Even though there are temptations, don't get sucked in by the promise of getting rich quick.

Start plunging into the world of digital currency trading can be confusing. There are many options, lots of websites and exchanges, and lots of information.

Here are some aspects that you must consider before you start investing or trading on cryptocurrency :

#. Research Is Reject Measure

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be launched in 2009. At the time of writing, there were 1,690 cryptocurrency available. There are many choices for crypto, and a sign of how fast technology and markets develop in a short span of time.

One of the most important parts of the advice we can provide to invest in crypto currencies is to thoroughly investigate your investment potential.

Try to find a reputable news outlet and read the whitepaper from the coins that you plan to buy.

Many coins are made so that the founders can make money quickly. Those who have a reputation will describe what they want to achieve with technology, and how the currency has the potential to grow.

Try to avoid the advice of anonymous commentators on forums that might claim coins that are unknown. Their origin will be Bitcoin.

#. Which bitcoin or Altcoin do you choose ...?

Bitcoin's gold rush in late 2017 saw prices skyrocket, reaching an all-time high of $ 20,089 per coin. How ever, at the time of writing, 59% of the value has been lost.

Many investors still swear by this currency, and there are a lot of surges and declines in prices, even in a tumultuous start to 2018.

And bitcoin remains the number one coin in terms of market capitalization the number is determined by multiplying the price of one coin with the supply in circulation.

You may have heard of cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin. This is known as altcoin, an alternative coin, and of course there are some interesting ones.

Ethereum is the currency with the second largest market capitalization, with Ripple / XRP ranked third, and Bitcoin Cash (different from Bitcoin) being the fourth.

One important observation is that most altcoins are strongly linked to the price of Bitcoin. If Bitcoin falls, so does the rest of the market. This may not be a bad thing, and many investors have a portfolio of many coins.

#. Pay attention to the Stop-loss strategy

In many internet forums or subreddit you can find users who will be proud of the words 'hold'.

Long-term investors still tend to profit by holding their assets, but can cash in big profits when the market peaks.

Without knowing how the market will do this, and you can end up holding assets that are without selling value or 90% lost in a short time.

Stop-loss strategies can help you minimize losses if the market falters. stop-loss is the level of loss that you can get where the trade will be closed.

We have emphasized the importance of only investing money that you can realistically lose, but this strategy can help minimize any damage.

How ever, it should be noted that the market can be manipulated by "whales", holders of a large number of cryptocurrency. They can force prices to fall, causing some investors to sell, while the pope buys back at a cheaper price.

#. Should it still be a daily sword ...?

If you are serious about investing in cryptocurrency, you may research the coins you want, as well as some exchanges where you can buy them.

You will see that there is an exchange where you can trade to try and make a profit. This is a very tempting prospect, by cutting and encouraging developing markets to stay ahead of the game.

In fact, it's far more difficult than it seems. The market is so unstable and unpredictable that you can find yourself far ahead one night and far behind the next morning.

Cryptocurrency exchange runs 24/7, and investors in China and South Korea, as well as Europe, can shape prices and landscapes.

Long-term investment has run anecdotally for many people. Early adopters of Bitcoin can make a profit by only buying at the right time and staying up to the peak price.

There is no guarantee that this growth rate will ever be seen again in crypto currencies. But surely there are some interesting coins and technology out there that will grow for a long time

#. Should You Invest In Crypto ...?

I hope we have shown some possible benefits and risks and pitfalls that await an inexperienced investor. As we mentioned in the introduction, there is still the potential to make a lot of money from investments in crypto currencies.

How ever, there is no guarantee. if you are well informed, don't risk large sums of money, and invest in technology or currencies that you feel will work, it can be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

The internet and news channels are full of articles that will spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt about digital assets. There are also people who will encourage people to make unwise purchases based on the fear of losing. Try to stay cool and rely on reliable news sources and always take a data-based approach to your investment.

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