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Remember, this is the New Social Network that Makes Real Money

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 15, 2019 | Monday, April 15, 2019

Not only Steemit, recently a platform has participated in enlivening social media networks.

Now we see social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram benefiting from user-generated content.

This content certainly generates revenue from advertisers by utilizing large traffic to the site.

Again, we continue, the new site is ‘You Own Your Own Words‘ (YOYOW), this site claims that the intended social media platform will develop and become the largest in the world.

In contrast to Steemit, Crypto adopts the Proof of Taste system aimed at making this social network able to make money for users and content creators.

Then, what about the users, we only use the application without getting the benefit of creating the content.

Then on this basis a blockchain is built and prepares social media applications. each user will get a reward for ownership of original content obtained from compensation in the form of cryptocurrency.

Just like Steemit, content creators will directly receive coins that can be traded on the crypto exchange.

# What is YOYOW ...?

What is YOYOW and how does it work ...?. Crypto is a blockchain-based social network that was built to contribute and distribute rewards to content creators.

This crypto also creates a payment model for users that results from content creation. Network systems are based on user ratings and those that are not limited to certain types of content. These include videos, animations, images and text.

The blockchain is built based on the Proof of Taste (PoT) algorithm to realize plans for giving rewards to users. Content evaluation is based on 'likes' or 'dislikes' that other users value.

YOYOW tokens will be used to give certain weight to content based on rating. This blockchain will remain secure, decentralized, protect privacy, and maintain the ownership of user content.

The rewards that will be obtained are from the YOYOW platform content. all users are considered the source of life for the platform that comes from posting publications, comments and ratings.

For the main task the committee is overseeing the management of the network, where the committee is chosen by users who have the power to cast votes.

Not like BitShares or Steemit, anyone (anonymously) can just open an account and can quickly generate cryptocurrency.

To get cryptocurrency on the YOYOW blockchain, users must complete the registration procedure with official registration on the network.

And if the account is misused by someone else, the original registrant has the right to withdraw the account. Then, the platform will re-verify the account name that has been used. That's how YOYOW is a real money-making social network ...

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