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Point your finger right now this article if you want to know who is the creator of Litecoin, and what he holds

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 08, 2019 | Monday, April 08, 2019

In digital currencies and blockchain space, only the strongest ones can survive and excel. Many blockchain projects and digital currencies that have emerged over the past few years.

However, many of them are not able to survive against competitors that continue to emerge in the industry. Some of them have retreated and some are still struggling to survive and advance.

Nonetheless, most of them remain superior and do their business very well in the crypto industry. A lot of cryptocurrency is able to explore a very strong foundation and continues to support it to this day.

The crypto price trend in 2018 was very rushed, with the Bearish market seen not meeting "exhaustion" to continue to erode the value of almost all major digital currencies.

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Bitcoin (BTC), which is the largest crypto based on market capitalization, has fallen to more than 80% along the Bearish market, but this token is still able to maintain its position.

There are many BTC price predictions in circulation, waiting for a slight increase or Bull-Run to make it shine again to be bought, even though it still hasn't appeared until now. One other digital currency that is able to survive and remain strong in the crypto industry is Litecoin (LTC).

Litecoin is one of the most prominent blockchain projects in the blockchain industry. However, its value is also influenced by the long Bearish market since the beginning of last year.

Will Litecoin recover or even rise... with the reduction of half of the upcoming Litecoin and Litecoin summit, the value of the coin will likely increase significantly. Litecoin is also supported by a very strong community and creator.

The managing director and creator of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee, has been at the forefront of coin development. Recently, Charlie Lee has become a person who holds the Lightning Torch in the realm of cryptocurrency. This development was revealed through litecoin.com official Twitter account stating "@SatoshiLite Litecoin makers took the Lightning Torch".

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The company's post also underlined that the chain had collected Sat 4.2 for $ 4.2 million and the Torch had been handed over to Abra's CEO, Bill Barhydt. As a reminder, Lightning Network (LN) is Bitcoin's second-tier protocol, and it has gained considerable traction after an experiment from the Lightning Torch.

Based on the post, 10k Satoshi was added to each link in an experiment to show values that can be transferred off-chain.

Many famous people in the crypto industry are part of the experiment. people like Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, Elizabeth Stark from the Lightning laboratory, CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao, Anthony Pompliano and others, previously holding LN.

In addition, the LNTrustChain hashtag started a trend on Twitter to improve communication in the Litecoin community involved in the experiment. The entire trend starts with a tweet from the @Hodlonaut account that states "Some fun Lightning Network. I sent 100k Satoshi with Tippin.me to the first person I chose to believe who answered this. That person added 10k sat and sent 110k to someone from either a reply to a new tweet, or this trend and so on. How many sat before the break ...?".

Litecoin's half reduction is now the center of attention and prediction. Many believe that this half reduction will result in Bull-Run for Litecoin, or even Bull-Run for many crypto.

If this happens, then this bullish prediction on the Litecoin token in 2019 will probably occur. LTC's current market capitalization is $ 3.66 billion with trading volume over the past day of $ 1.55 billion. Furthermore, are you sure or not if Litecoin will continue to rise ...?

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