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Not Suspected, Here's the Word of Deity Cryptography to Facebook Big Boss

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Thursday, April 11, 2019 | Thursday, April 11, 2019

David Chaum or an expert on cryptography (March 21, 2019) then, claimed to have offered blockchain technology that was being developed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

The offer was Chaum's response to Zuckerberg's statement that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram with end-to-end encryption, were able to bring the three platforms to protect the privacy of users.

But Chaum doesn't believe Zuckerberg wants to or is able to do that. Said Chaum, Zuckerberg actually still wanted to spy, while tricking some teenagers.

"How can I be sure that Zuckerberg doesn't care about privacy. After Zuckerberg's statement was published, I offered him to test the technology I was developing. Me and the team at the company have full end-to-end encryption and metadata protection techniques like never before. Indeed, we never know what is the reason for someone not to reply to an offer. How ever, I consider it a great opportunity for him to test the true privacy protection technology". Chaum said at Elixxir

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Chaum and Zuckerberg are similar in a number of ways. They are both accomplished programmers and businessmen a like. Including the same as an innovator. The difference is only one: Chaum developed technology to protect user privacy, while Zuckerberg chose the opposite, as Chaum himself called, that there was no real privacy on Facebook.

Offer of technology trials by the old grandfather Chaum implies "advice" to the grandson, Mark Zuckerberg. Because, the classic story of Chaum with electronic money he wants to make a further learning and development with the existence of blockchain.

Chaum is not a new figure in the world of cryptography. He was famous as the inventor of the world's first electronic money, eCash, which was successfully adopted by a large company in 1989. However, his fortune was shortly thereafter. In 1998 announced the bankruptcy of the Digicash company.

"It's very difficult to get merchants who are quite willing to accept DigiCash. Even though that is what drives the more consumers to use it too, "said David Chaum to Forbes (November 1, 1999).

Even Chaum also said again, it was very difficult to explain the meaning of privacy to them when Web technology developed.

"When web technology develops, the level of sophistication of users goes down. It's very difficult to explain to them about the importance of privacy. " He said

His personal video on Youtube in December 2018 ago, Chaum admitted his past with eCash was still centralistic by his company, Digicash. But in technology, the privacy of users is indeed protected. Because banks cannot track customer transactions.

"I admit, at that time obtaining widespread adoption was very difficult, even though there were many large banks that used the technology. Formerly by a German bank, eCash was pegged to the Deutsche Mark currency, as well as US dollars, Australia and so on. Only, at that time there was no fully decentralized technology like the blockchain can offer today.

In its golden age DigiCash cooperated with many clients, including banks and retail stores. at that time the community (especially in the United States) felt the ease of shopping and transferring money using the DigiCash service. Mark Twain Bank was the first bank to be collaborated by Digicash on October 23, 1995.

there were also Deutsche Bank (March 26, 1996), Advance Bank (October 24, 1996), Credit Sussie. Then successively is the Bank of Austria and the National Bank. William F. Zuendt, a former Wells Fargo official, once anchored in Digicah as Director on June 4, 1998the nomura Research Institute in Japan also became a DigiCash client". He said

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Now Chaum is fighting again, trying to repeat his golden age by developing Elixxir's blockchain technology. Whether this can be considered a "public relations technique". Chaum claims Elixxir is far different from the blockchain technology that exists today. He said, Elixxir would be able to handle thousands of transactions per second.

According to Chaum, Elixxir offers messaging and payment solutions that are faster and cheaper than all existing blockchain. For comparison, Ethereum can only handle around 15 transactions / second.

In my opinion, Chaum's new sword today is a gamble of Chaum's good name from his past with eCash that upholds the meaning of privacy. Chaum is now getting a new stage to prove his values.

Although the cryptographic research works are not mentioned in the Satoshi Nakamoto paper, I think Chaum needs to be given the widest opportunity. Come on, grandfather Chaum, your grand children in the future are waiting for you...

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