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Must be understood, rice can also worsen our digestive health

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 08, 2019 | Monday, April 08, 2019

Eating rice is a lifestyle that is difficult for people to abandon only in Indonesia, but we must be careful.

Most importantly, when eating rice left over overnight, then warmed again in the morning.

Because this last night's rice can worsen our digestive health.

No half-hearted, the remaining overnight rice that is heated can make our bodies become poisoned.

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Therefore, we must pay more attention to how to cook rice for our own health.

According to national health services in the UK, when we want to cook rice it is recommended not to let the rice take too long outside the container.

That is because, when the rice is left too long outside it will invite the Bacillus cereus bacteria which becomes toxic.

The bacteria survives during the process of cooking rice, and it continues to develop during the cooking process of the rice it self.

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If we are forced to eat rice, of course diseases such as diarrhea will easily attack us. (women'shealth/ auth)

So, it would be nice, if when we cook rice it is not wasteful, so it is enough to be eaten by family members or yourself.

If there is still rice left over last night, my advice is better just throw it away or give it to livestock whether it's chicken, duck or other livestock that eat rice, so that our health is always maintained in the future. Thank you, healthy greetings always ...

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