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Mine XRB (Nano) is free & easy, just use this device...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 22, 2019 | Monday, April 22, 2019

Cryptocurrency is of course familiar for us to know. The trend that is currently popular in the past 2 years, and is in the future, that's the trend of cryptocurrency and bitcoin now.

Some of the things that make cryptocurrency commodities famous are trade, and one of the most anticipated ones is mining.

2 of these are steps that can be obtained to benefit from cryptocurrency. But here I will only discuss Nano Raiblock (Nano XRB) coin mining through browsers both smartphone and laptop or PC.

Mining of Nano XRB coins, of course, is currently popular because it can be mined via an Android smartphone browser and can also be via a laptop or PC browser ...

Mining costs are also very cheap, using only a smartphone / laptop with an internet connection. From that we can produce nano xrb coins.

Then, how do you mine Nano XRB coins through the browser ...?

The way to mine Nano XRB coins through this browser is quite easy. The material you need to prepare is a smartphone / laptop, internet connection, don't forget snacks, coffee or cigarettes.

Following are the steps of Nano XRB mining through the browser:

1. Please open the nano mining link xrb.

2. Enter your nano xrb wallet, if you don't have a nano xrb wallet account, please create a market binance first.

3. After completing registration on the market binance please take the address nano xrb by entering the menu fund / deposit. Please select the nano xrb coin so you will be given the address of the nano xrb deposit that starts (xrb).

The address of the deposit is specific to you, so later your mining results can be mined there.

4. The next step is copy the nano xrb address, then paste it, then start mining.

5. After clicking start mining, you are automatically logged in immediately. Please as much mining as possible. The minimum withdrawal is 10 uXRB or equivalent to 0.000001 nano XRB.

To mine, your speed can be set to start from 10-100%. The higher the% speed, the greater the mining income of the nano xrb.

UXRB / second points are the speed of your mining every second. uXRB total is the amount of your mining balance. Then, after reaching 10 uXRB you can withdraw your mining results on the withdrawal menu.

But because every day you can only withdraw once, I suggest to make a withdrawal after mining results reach the highest limit. Schedule every day of your mining results so that the withdrawal becomes optimal.

Is it possible to mine nano xrb on many browsers with different smartphones through the same wallet address ...?

The answer can be, the author strongly recommends using many browsers. The more browsers on different smartphones or laptops, the more mining income you get.

How to get many smartphones for mining nano xrb ...?

A thought that I want to apply will be given to you for free. The way is you can simply search for an android smartphone that has a minimum RAM of 512 MB at a price of $ 50 - $ 100 / smartphone.

Buy several pieces for your mining equipment. What are the smartphone requirements that can be used for mining...?. Following are the conditions:

1. The used smartphone that you buy must have a minimum RAM of 512 MB with a budget of $ 50 - $ 100 / smartphone.

2. Smartphones must be able to connect to the internet via teathering / wifi.

3The smartphone must be able to open the browser and of course the smartphone touchscreen can still be used even though it's cracked.

4. The smartphone must have a charger for charging smartphones.

5.  Provide shelves and plugs for smartphones so you can put your smartphone in one place but have a barrier to avoid something unwanted.

Furthermore, if you are ready for mining and already have enough combat equipment to make a lot of money. Please try what the writer explained.

The author believes, within a month you can restore the smartphone purchase funds. Good luck, good luck in your mining. Don't forget to prepare a cooling fan for your smartphone to make it more durable.

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