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Learn the causes of blindness to children or adults, and how to treat it

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 28, 2019 | Sunday, April 28, 2019

I already know what is meant by Blind, if you don't know, let's look at this review. Blindness is a condition in which a person's vision completely disappears in one eye (Partial blindness) or both (Total blindness).

This condition can appear suddenly, such as when experiencing a severe injury due to an accident, or as a complication of the disease suffered.

Blind and the cause

The causes of blindness are very diverse, but basically this condition is caused by damage to the eyes.

Damage to the eye itself can occur due to a severe injury due to an accident or complications from an illness that is suffered, or a gene disorder at birth. Some conditions that can cause blindness include:

1. Cataracts.

2. Glaucoma.

3. Macular degeneration.

4.corneal opacification.

5. Refractive disorders such as nearsighted or near uncorrected.

6. Trachoma.

7. Diabetic retinopathy.

8. Amblyopia or lazy eyes.

9. Optical neuritis.

10. Tumors that interfere with the retina, and the optic nerve.

In children, blindness can occur from birth. Birth blindness can be lowered or caused by an infection transmitted by the mother to the fetus during pregnancy.

In addition, there are several other factors that can cause blindness in children, namely:

1. Eyes are lazy.

2. Trachoma.

3. Strabismus or squint.

4. Ptosis or decreased upper eyelid.

5. Glaucoma or hereditary cataracts.

6. Blockage of the tear ducts.

7. Genetic abnormalities that make the development of a child's visual system become abnormal.

8. Retinopathy of prematurity, a condition that can be experienced by babies born prematurely, where blood vessels in the retina experience abnormalities due to interference in their development.

Blindness and symptoms

Blindness is characterized by loss of vision. Loss of vision itself is caused by damage to the eye, which can occur due to injury or certain conditions.

Damage to the eye that occurs due to disease, generally causes vision problems first, before finally becoming blind. Visual disturbances that arise include:

1. Cloudy eyepiece resulting in poor vision clarity.

2. Sharpness of decreased vision or blurring.

3. Eyes hurt.

4. Feeling uncomfortable in the eyes that lasts a long time.

5. Eyes reddened.

In some cases, as in people with glaucoma, damage to the eye does not cause symptoms.

Therefore, routine checks are very necessary to prevent visual disturbances that can lead to total blindness.

In children, parents can detect visual disturbances by observing the symptoms that appear. Children have the potential to experience problems if they show symptoms as follows:

1. Often scratching or rubbing your eyes.

2. Sensitive to light.

3. Eyes reddened.

4.often close one eye.

5. Swelling of the eyes.

6. Can not follow the movement of an object.

7. Movement or abnormal eye position when you are 6 months old.

Blind prevention and treatment

Most of the diseases that cause blindness can be overcome, so that it will indirectly prevent blindness itself.

For example, blindness due to cataracts, which is the cause of most blindness in Indonesia and the world, can be prevented by cataract surgery, which is the operation of replacing cloudy eye lenses with clean artificial lenses.

Before doing the surgery, consult with your doctor first about the benefits and risks.

To prevent visual disturbances that can cause blindness, the following efforts can be made, along with the efforts that need to be made:

1. Eye examination every 2-3 years for people under 50 years old and once a year for people over 50 years of age or if they have risk factors for vision problems.

2. Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.

3. Apply a healthy lifestyle, such as adequate rest.

4. Consume balanced nutritious food.

5. Use safety equipment when doing activities that risk injuring the eyes, such as when exercising or driving.

For those who have experienced blindness can adapt to various equipment and equipment as follows:

1. Study braille.

2. Using special equipment, such as computers with braille keyboards.

3. Helper stick.

4. Use the dog as a road guide.

5. Take advantage of the GPS navigation feature with voice to walk.

6. Hopefully this article is useful ..

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