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Jhony: Hopefully the Stratolaunch plane will have a positive impact on humans, and the development of the world in the future

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Saturday, April 27, 2019

The early history of the creation of airplanes popular in society was when a century ago Orville Wright managed to fly a small plane in North Carolina, United States. However, the flight only lasted 12 minutes.

Although only for a while, this is the first flight with a motorized airplane. In addition, this first flight is also an important moment that paved the way for the modern aviation era.

But, this year the world was again shocked by the super power country. because, uncle sam's country managed to create a large two-body aircraft over the airbus A380, the aircraft was Stratolaunch.

Stratolaunch or the world's largest aircraft, conduct its first flight test this weekend in California - United States. The aircraft is a giant two-body aircraft with six Boeing 747 engines.

The first mega jet flight was carried out over the Mojave desert. This aircraft was designed to be carried into space created by the engineering company Scaled Composites.

Large aircraft with wingspan longer than a soccer field or about 1.5 times that of an Airbus A380, specifically the mega jet wingspan is 117 meters, this is certainly far different from the Airbus A380 which is just under 80. "The plane flew about two and a half hours on Saturday. Until now, I just had a test on land". Said Ceo Stratolaunch

Furthermore, the speed plane reaches the highest point of 304 kilometers / hour or reaches a height of 17,000 feet (5,182 meters). "Amazing first flight". Said Jean Floyd (Stratolaunch 14/4 - AFP)

He added, the two-body mega jet aircraft is an alternative land launch system. "Flights today are further from our mission to provide a flexible alternative to land launch systems". Add Stratolaunch CEO

Please note, Stratolaunch is funded by Paul Allen or one of the founders of Microsoft with Bill Gates. This financing, of course as a way to enter the market to launch small satellites.

The company is also trying to get revenue from higher demand levels in the coming years for a variety of vehicles that can place satellites in orbit, which will then compete in the United States with space entrepreneurs and industry backers such asSpaceX belongs to Elon Musk and United Launch Alliance or a partnership between Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Stratolaunch has expressed their intention to dislodge its first rocket from the Roc at the earliest in 2020. Unfortunately, Allen died in October last year after the announcement of aircraft development, so that the company's future became uncertain.

Responding to the pilot flight of the first Stratolaunch aircraft, one of the world societies appreciated the steps taken by the United States. He hopes that the presence of the aircraft will be able to bring a positive mission for humans and the world going forward." The more advanced ... the Super Power country, hopefully the Stratolaunch aircraft will have a positive impact on humans, and the development of the world in the future. "In short Jhony or one of the Indonesians who was amazed at the development of USA technology

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