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If price is not a reliable measure for determination, is Omisego (OMG) a good investment or not ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 27, 2019 | Saturday, April 27, 2019

The value for Omisego comes from the trust that has been built in the Southeast Asian market. Omisego company has users throughout Asia who use it to transfer payments every day.

Trust in this company has been established in the market to play a leading role in the adoption of Omisego (OMG) in the future. Because part of the problem found in cryptocurrency today is a lack of trust by the general population.

The masses do not understand, let alone receive crypto currency. This gap in knowledge will play a major role in the adoption of cryptos such as Omisego (OMG).

Because, it's easier for them to adopt crypto related to the company they use every day than other random crypto. This makes Omisego a viable crypto that can get a significant level of use in the future.

Based on its relationship with the Omisego Company, it is impossible for Omisego (OMG) to become a vaporware. Maybe there was a beating in 2018, but this is nothing unique to Omisego. The entire market has declined over the past 11 months.

Omisego can rise again in the Bull market, bigger than before. Because people have appreciated the need for speed in payments, especially in cross-border payments. Omisego can dominate the payment market in East Asia in the future.

Omisego coins have hidden values. There are lots of vaporware in the crypto market today, even many tokens on this market have no real use. As such, there is a real risk that many of them may never recover from this decline.

The problem comes in distinguishing which is good from bad. Because even the worst of them is marketed very well, making it difficult to say whether they are valuable or not.
Starting from this point, price is not a good parameter to determine whether a coin or token is a good investment or not. Because prices in all markets are down. Even the leading Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency has touched this lowest position in 2019, including Omisego which is in the range of 0.00030806 BTC / 1 OMG.

Even more surprising, is bitcoin which could reach a price of as low as $ 3500 in 2018. Thus, it is not surprising that most altcoins including Omisego (OMG) fell more than 90% from their highest prices.

Then if the price is not a reliable measure to determine whether Omisego (OMG) is a good investment or not, what can be the best measure to achieve that goal ...?.

As one of the best ways to achieve this goal, is to look at use cases, and differentiating factors in the market. Omisego is just a token for moving value using blockchain fast, cheap and safe.

Then, what makes Omisego visible in the public ...?. The attribute is not very valuable for Omisego at this time. Because there are several other coins with the same value position as Omisego, and have more recognition globally even though Omisego has been at the price of 0,00030806 BTC / 1 OMG.

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