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Hurry up the Dogecoin Mine in these 6 places, lose if you don't mine

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 07, 2019 | Sunday, April 07, 2019

Dogecoin (DOGE) was first considered a "meme" currency. As reported by Newspaper recently, Dogecoin has recently experienced a large increase in prices, which has sparked interest in this currency.

So, how do you mine Dogecoin ...?, Dogecoin is a coin based on scripts, so you need to buy a special miner for scripts. To start exploiting Dogecoin, you must download the wallet as a place to save your "meme" currency.

100 billion coins will become a problem over time. If you are going to exploit Dogecoin, you must first consider your energy level.

Is the profitability of Dogecoin mining higher? Of course not. Even though this coin has rested on 20 currencies based on market capitalization, the Doge must experience a substantial increase in prices to rival Bitcoin (BTC) or even litecoin (LTC) in terms of mining profitability.


Dogecoin Listing Trusted Mining Pools

To exploit Dogecoin, we must look for mining groups that are compatible with the hash encryption algorithm, GHash.IO, which was founded in June 2013, is probably the best Dogecoin group, but closed in October 2016.

Therefore, we are interested in reviewing several others and this is definitely the best for Dogecoin mining pool.

#. Multipool.us

One of the first options is multipool.us. That makes it possible to mine more than 29 cryptocurrency with different algorithms. This group also allows you to extract several coins simultaneously.

Multipool offers payments in a large number of currencies. Among the main advantages of this precise set, one can mention the absence of withdrawal rates and the ability to increase profitability with the mixed mining function.

#. Prohashing

Prohashing is one of the most popular Scrypt mining groups that gives users the ability to exploit various altcoins. In fact, miners can receive their rewards in every cryptocurrency of their choice available in the list of payment coins (including DogeCoin).

3. 1CoinPool

1CoinPool operates two mining groups (Dogecoin Pool and Litecoin Pool). From now on, they have a policy without fees, but at the same time, they accept donations.

According to information provided on the official 1CoinPool website, they extract three blocks per week. They use a proportional payment system, which means that you are valued proportionally according to the strength of your hashing.

In addition, you can also use groups that are compatible with the X11 algorithm. dash and Darkcoin are one of the cryptocurrency based on this algorithm, but you can request automatic payments at Dogecoin.

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#. HashFaster

HashFaster (http://doge.hashfaster.com) is also a good option if you want to exploit Dogecoin. in particular, they don't even need to create an account on your website to start extraction (all you need is your username and wallet address for payment). The first payment takes around six hours.

#. Litecoinpool

Litecoinpool is the right choice if you are looking for combined mining. This group uses a transparent gift system that pays according to the level of payment per share (PPS). 

Payments are made in Litecoin (LTC), but you can also get rewards in a combined currency such as Dogecoin. Furthermore, you will get a much larger amount of money compared to the LTC mining group.

#. Eobot

Eobot is another "veteran" on the list. This group emerged in 2013 and is still functioning well. You can practically exploit any cryptocurrency based on SHA-256 or Scrypt. There are many choices for that, including Dash (DASH), Ripple (XRP) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

In the section of questions they often ask, they assert that Eobot has never been hacked before, because they offer a high level of security for their clients. How ever, they encourage everyone to activate 2FA.


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