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How to remove the thorn from the body that many people do not know ...

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 01, 2019 | Monday, April 01, 2019

Everyone may have experienced it, let alone who often do not wear footwear when walking.

Generally, most often experienced are mountain climbers or wildlife hunters in the jungle.

The experience is when the wood chips or that get from the plant about the foot when walking bare or with bare feet. It's not asked ...!, must be very painful.

During this time, many are experiencing difficulty in removing wood chips, among others, even using needles, knives, or other objects to remove wood chips or spines from the skin. Just this way not infrequently make the pain in the skin getting worse.

If the pain does not want to get worse, you can use this method. Because, these ways are easy to remove the flakes without pain. The way is as follows:

1. Tomatoes.
Attach a small piece of tomato directly to the affected area with the aid of a wound tape and leave overnight. This will make wood chips out the next day.

2. Onion Red.
Attach the fresh onion slices to the affected area. Thorns or wood chips will be drawn to the surface of the skin moments later and will be easy to remove.

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3. Salt / Epsom Salt.
Soak the affected hands or feet in the salt water until they are removed.

4. Bottle With Mouth Wide.
The contents of the bottle is almost full with hot water. Place the affected hand or foot above the bottle so that the bottle's mouth is completely closed. The steam from the hot water will suck the flakes and pull out the debris from the skin.

5. Essential Oils.
Add a few drops of lavender essential oil or cloves to the affected area. This will allow the skin to become slightly swollen naturally and the flakes will come out immediately. May be useful...

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