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Great ..., this Digital Currency Can Book Hotels Throughout the World

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 13, 2019 | Saturday, April 13, 2019

For those of you who like to take a walk, surely you are already familiar with the words travel, tour, and journey.

One of these words you may use frequently when you want to reveal that you are traveling or traveling.

But actually for the writer, all the words mentioned above are just ordinary, because there is something more extraordinary, that is good news for all cryptocurency players, especially the owner of Binance (BNB) Coin.

As for the good news for crypto users, BNB coin owners can book hotels online around the world with BNB tokens. Tripio is a blockchain-based hotel booking platform that previously supported cryptocurrency payments.

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Open to Tripio (TRIO) crypto holders, Ethereum (ETH), HT and MDS. And now Binance coin (BNB) token holders have the opportunity to stock up on this platform.

All BNB token holders can book more than 450,000 hotels and accommodations worldwide. the Chinese blockchain based Tripio application, also available in English. This platform is made to make it easier for users to more easily spend cryptocurrency for traveling.

# BNB Tokens Support Online Hotel Booking

Tripio officially announced a strategic partnership with Binance on December 4, 2018 or last year. Binance as one of the largest crypto exchanges in Asia that issues BNB tokens.

This collaboration allows more than 10 million active users of Binance to use BNB as the main currency for booking hotels.

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So far, the weakness of cryptocurrency is considered very vulnerable because it has no promising prospects. But there are some crypto that really promise an exchange with goods and services online.

As an investor, of course holders of tokens and coins will feel safe if their assets can be used into the market.

The partnership between Binance and Tripio opens the opportunity for BNB tokens so they can transact to more than 450,000 hotels worldwide. Tripio's initial funding in March of 20 million dollars was led by large venture capital companies.

Including OK Blockchain Capital, Ceyuan Ventures, Node Capital, F2Pool, and Genesis Capital. With the presence of the BNB as an exchange tool, this platform is considered important in supporting the development of cryptocurrency.

Not only Tripio as a place to book hotels online, even before Expedia's classmates, Microsoft, and Steam have announced system integration with cryptocurrency.

Crypto digital currencies offer a more efficient and practical alternative than a centralized system. For traders and users, cryptocurrency is considered the right solution to reduce the high costs that are commonly imposed in banking. And finally, I'm proud of Binance Coin...

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