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From mysterious buyers to 4 suddenly rich people due to bitcoin, one of them is a 23 year old student

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Monday, April 29, 2019 | Monday, April 29, 2019

Bitcoin is phenomenal, because its growth value is very fast and continues to increase from year to year, causing people who invest in it at least 1 year will make the person suddenly rich.

Recently, news about someone not being known to buy thousands of Bitcoin in just two transactions, with a value of USD 467.4 million. The user on a cryptocurrency exchange platform has bought no less than 41,000 Bitcoin pieces, making his assets in the digital currency increase from 55,000 coins to 96,000 coins.

Interestingly, he did the chartering action in only two transactions, and in the adjacent period, February 9 and 12. It is estimated, he bought Bitcoin approximately 32,000 pieces on February 9, and the rest was completed the following day.

With the value of Bitcoin which at that time ranged from the figure of USD 11,400 according to coindesk, it was estimated that the total cryptocurrency he bought had already been worth USD 467.4 million. Based on the data referred to, then this mysterious figure managed to reap profits of around USD 108.9 million, with total purchases based on the highest value in each day on February 9 and 12 reaching USD 358.5 million.

The amount of wealth can even make the mysterious buyer into the top ten list of Forbes' largest cryptocurrency assets owners in the world, he defeats names like Matthew Mellon, Brian Armstrong, and Matthew Roszak who are in positions 5, 6, and 7.

More interestingly, this is not the first act of chartering. The account owned by this mysterious figure had bulged in just one day. On December 12, 2016, he only had 0.246 coins. But on the following morning, his Bitcoin account contained 48,627 coins. At that time, the value of Bitcoin was in the range of USD 17,000, which means that he had made an investment of USD 826.6 million a day.

Different stories from mysterious men who build lots of bitcoin, which can make him suddenly rich in just a few moments. Here there are 4 bitcoin players starting from trial and error, until rich suddenly approached them. And the following 4 sudden rich people from bitcoin:

1. Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is a 23 year old student, in 2011 he bought thousands of bitcoin. His success from buying bitcoin led him to develop a startup called BitInstant.com or a service that facilitates the purchase of bitcoin through seven eleven, walmart, etc.

2. Roger Ver

"After getting to know bitcoin, I only slept about 1 hour a week. I never left the house, and I only spent all my time reading about Bitcoin". Said Roger Ver (Owner of bitcoin.com) in an interview.

Furthermore, he also confessed to falling ill so his friends forced him to take Roger Ver to the hospital. Some of the advantages of Bitcoin, he invested in the BitInstant project with Charlie Shrem.

3. Jered Kenna

In 2010, Jered Kenna accidentally deleted 800 BTC from his computer. But fortunately, he still has thousands of bitcoin left. At this time Jered Kenna opened a bitcoin exchange named Tradehill.

4. Yifu Guo

The first time I heard about bitcoin, Yifu Guo thought "It is the stupidest thing ever". Some time later when the popularity of bitcoin grew even more, Guo dropped out of college at New York University and founded Avalon or a company that developed hardware for bitcoin mining.

Thus the journey of the sudden rich people of Bitcoin well began to buy mysteriously, to just try and set up many companies. Furthermore, will you also become one of the sudden rich people because of bitcoin ...?. And hopefully in the future you can also get rich quick from this digital currency ...

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