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Facebook and Amazon Big Boss, His Wealth is Defeated by This Beautiful Woman

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 09, 2019 | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Not all young people on social media recognize a Kylie Jenner. The youngest member of the Kardashian family has recently been named the youngest billionaire through his own version of Forbes magazine.

Quoted by Hanny and Melissa from Forbes, the amount of his assets to date (July 2018) reached US $ 900 million. With that amount of assets at the age of 21 years, Kylie is likely to beat Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg who previously held the record of the first young man who had a property of US $ 1 billion through his own business at the age of 23 years.

Kylie's history again proves admiration, that there is no need to wait for old to get rich, especially in an age that is very sophisticated through the internet and social media like today.

With a total of 117 million followers on Instagram, not including Twitter and other social media platforms, Kylie managed to conquer the world through her Kylie Cosmetics business that she started since she was a teenager. "Social media is an extraordinary platformI have easy access to my fans and customers". Kylie said


Kylie Jenner runs one of the coolest makeup companies ever. Kylie Cosmetics was launched two years ago with a lip kit or lipstick kit consisting of a lipstick set and lip liner.

Since its launch, Kylie Cosmetics has managed to record revenues of more than US $ 630 million. The sale even penetrated US $ 19 million in one day.

Everything Jenner did to make money came from using her social media. Almost every hour, he opened Instagram and Snapchat, pouting for selfies with information about the colors of Kylie Cosmetics he was wearing, taking videos of upcoming products and announcing new launches.

It doesn't make sense until you realize that it has more than 110 million followers on Instagram and millions more on Snapchat. Many of his followers are women and young girls, a very large and massive target market - especially when products sold by beauty products are like lipstick.

Kylie learns about makeup by watching YouTube videos and observing professionals who paint their faces for TV and photo shoots. Kylie who claimed to be not confident about her lips, developed the habit of applying the liner beyond the natural limits of her lips to create the illusion of a bigger lip.

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August 2014 right at the age of 17, he regularly promotes the lipstick he uses on Snapchat with the tagline 'Kylie Lip Kits, for perfect scorn'. In that year, Kylie's appearance became viral on social media, where teenagers had popularized the 'Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge'.

In May 2015, he set aside US $ 250,000 from his income as capital to pay outside companies to produce 15,000 of his first lip kits. He also announced the launch of the product through social media on 30 November 2015.

The package sold out in less than a minute. Retailers offer these products for US $ 29 to US $ 1,000 on eBay. Even before I refreshed the page, everything was sold out, "Jenner said.

Aware that this can be a big business, Kylie uses Shopify's e-commerce platform to sell its products. Kylie alone has only 7 employees in handling the sale of their products.

They outsource production to specialists who are experts in producing cosmetics at Oxnard and in Nanjing, China. That's where all Kylie products are now formulated and made. The parent company, Seed Beauty, also handles other things, ranging from packaging to shipping fulfillment.

Over all they employ more than 500 people just to work at Kylie Cosmetics. And for sales applications, they use the Shopifiy platform.

Kylie's other income was also obtained from TV programs and starred in advertising products such as Puma shoes and PacSun clothing. Kylie Jenner herself was only 10 years old when she debuted on her family reality TV program Keeping up with the Kardashians. A decade passed, the event was still ongoing and continued to attract millions of viewers.

There are at least two key business lessons that can be taken from the Kylie story. First, in an all-connected era of internet, all production and sales processes can be outsourced to various platforms that provide these services. Look at how Shopify, Amazon and millions of suppliers on Alibaba make us able to sell anything to the world.

In addition, social media is the key to successfully selling in the digital era as it is now. Kylie's success and the number of followers on Instagram and Snapchat that are directly proportional is the proof.

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