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Employees are given a 6-month chance to open a business, in which country ...?

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Employees are given the right to enjoy leave of up to half a year to run a business.

This is stated in the Law on the Right to Leave for Business Operations. World Economic Forum, states that if the leave can be submitted by employees who have worked full-time for a minimum of six months called tjänstledighet.

Companies can only refuse leave if the employee has an important role in operating the business. The employee's business ideas also may not compete or make it difficult for the company.

Some of the worldwide start-ups from Sweden are Spotify, Skype, and Mojang that made Minecraft. Skype and Mojan have been purchased by Microsoft. The employees who were given leave were in Sweden.

For this business leave, employees do not get a salary. This is different from family-related leave in the Nordic region which generally remains paid.

Developed countries in the Nordic region are known to be generous giving leave so parents can spend time with their children. This also applies in Sweden which gives parental leave for 16 months and still gets a salary of around 80 percent.

Working in an office can often be a very tiring activity. even so, even while on leave and on vacation, many employees are still unable to escape work obligations. But that will never happen if you work at SimpliFlying, a global flight strategy company.

The Business Insider page, recently said the company is testing the time required to vacation for its employees. Employees at SimpliFlying are required to take one week off every seven working weeks.

More surprising than that, if the employee still takes care of the things related to work, he will get a salary deduction. Counting for a week during his leave, he will not get paid. The company strictly forbids its employees to simply read emails that are related to work, let alone reciprocate.

The results of the trial were also presented in the Harvard Business Review article by the Director of the Institute for Global Happiness, Neil Pasricha and CEO of SimpliFlying Shashank Nigam.

After 12 weeks the experiment went on Pasricha and Nigam found an increase in productivity, creativity and happiness of employees at SimpliFlying.

As a result, the level of creativity increased by 33 percent, happiness increased by 25 percent and productivity increased by around 13 percent compared to before the experiment was implemented.

So far, SimpliFlying is not the only company that has implemented the policy. Policy that makes it easy for employees to properly vacation and refresh the mind.

Previously, the CEO of Steelhouse, a marketing and advertising company, gave employees USD 2 thousand annually on vacation. The company also provides (One time) three days off weekends in a month.

However, not all employees are happy to get a lot of holidays in a month. Most employees feel worried if they take all the leave.

They were worried about the amount of work that awaited them after their leave. At SimpliFlying, employees even complained about holidays that were too frequent, one week out of every seven working weeks ...

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