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Don't Think Underestimated, These Are 3 Predictions of Dogecoin That Will Be Fantastic

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 07, 2019 | Sunday, April 07, 2019

Joke coins (Dogecoin) that always entertain many crypto connoisseurs, not only that Dogecoin also continues to give high hopes to its users regarding the Dogecoin price at the end of this year.

It must be admitted that it is very difficult to predict how big things will happen to this popular altcoin, the crypto market always keeps big surprises every day.

But below are some predictions that might occur at the next Dogecoin price, if you are one of the many who like this coin it is very natural to read this post until it runs out.


1. Price Increase Up to 0.21 USD

Nothing is impossible with the crypto market, anything can happen so quickly whether it is an increase or decrease in price.

What's interesting in our opinion is now a prediction made by crypto masters with the cool CryptoManiac101, he claims the DOGE price will rise as high as $ 0.21 in 2019.

We must always wonder how big momentum like this can happen to Dogecoin. If the price of Dogecoin (doge) reaches $ 0.21, it will need a 300-fold increase in the coming months.

Given the size of DOGE's inventory and its current market capitalization, it will also place it at a market capitalization of $ 210bn. Very unlikely, but this prediction needs to be noted in memory to install a sell net on that target.

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2. Potential Prices Up and Down

In the past few weeks, the price of DOGE has shown many signs of increase. It is very clear that there is a very sharp upward trend since the beginning of September 2018, although there also seems to be some resistance.

This is a very difficult condition to say how long the cryptocurrency price will last. How ever, in the case of Dogecoin, it seems that the decline is not always a disadvantage for crypto investors.

According to the chart published in tradingview by Mycotoxin users, it is very likely the price will break the key support level at $ 0.0063. If this assumption really happens, there will be corrections that might reach the price of $ 0.0021 in the weeks following.

This is a very bearish view, although such a trend will only return prices to the level before this big momentum comes into play. Thus, it is not a scenario that is not possible under current circumstances.

3. Preparing for a Large DogeCoin Pump

Buy Penny Crypto also predicts Dogecoin. According to his analysis, the Dogecoin market is currently subject to a three-wave pattern.

If this graph continues to run, a large "PUMP" will occur in the coming days, which can move prices higher.

This time price increase can increase up to ~ 200 Satoshi, if this happens it will definitely be a remarkable achievement that dogecoin has achieved.

Considering that Dogecoin has more communities through out the world, Satoshi's 192nd wave seems very likely to occur, and it could even penetrate Satoshi's 220th.

After that, there will be a big correction to push the price down again, even though there are no predictions made about how low the price is.

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