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Don't take it for granted, this is how to get a free Coin Waves easily

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Sunday, April 14, 2019 | Sunday, April 14, 2019

Coin Waves is one of the most popular cryptocurrency because of its several advantages. Among them are fast shipping transactions, and very low costs.

The waves platform also provides exchange and storage of other crypto assets, including Bitcoin and Ether. How do you get free and automatic waves, you can get everything easily ...?.

There are many ways to get waves, you can find them easily on the internet. but the problem is payment, is it true that the collected waves will be paid to the user as promised ...?. This method is certainly detrimental in terms of time, not to mention electricity and internet network costs used.

Most users feel that buying crypto is not the right choice. So try various short ways to get crypto, even though these methods don't necessarily pay us. There are dozens of applications that can be found in the Play Store, but can be counted on the fingers, which wave applications are trusted in the Play Store ...?.

# Techniques to Get Free Waves

Free Waves can be obtained in the easiest way, and we don't need to open it every day. How it works is similar to a machine, every week it will go directly to the wallet waves. How can we get free waves like that ...?.

Most people still don't know that waves cannot be mined. Coin printing uses the Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS) method, where everyone has the chance to get coins every week.

LPoS waves are not as expensive as PIVX which has to deposit 1000 coins. waves sets a minimum of 0.002 waves stored in the wallet, so you have the opportunity to get a profit of 10-20% / week.

So, how do you get it ...?. In the waves platform official website it has been mentioned that LPoS allows Waves holders to benefit by using balances to secure the network.

And still hold full control over the funds owned. So, the term lends your waves of coins to Node waves, and we will be rewarded / week.

The bonus is not only in the form of waves coins, sometimes we receive other tokens for free. And the funds that we lend (Leasing) can be withdrawn at any time without having to wait.

Minimum funds of around 0.002 waves for leasing. But we recommend 1 wave, because the price of waves is cheap and income can be more.

The highest LPoS share value is around 29.79% which is managed directly by WavesGo. You can release coins into this Node and every week you can harvest waves for free.

To get started, download waves client directly and create your wallet. Send a balance of 1 wave to this wallet, if you can't have it on any of the crypto exchanges, indodax.com is no exception.

After the coin is received, go to the Leasing menu. Fill in the address wallet leasing according to the selected node. Listing nodes and downloading the application directly to WavesPlatform.

How to get free waves like this has been done by members of the waves community all over the world. Come on step on the gas my brother, take your coin waves as soon as possible...

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