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Don't Regret And Look Here, Because This Is A Dogecoin Fact Not A Coin Joke That Will Be Valuable

Written By Hanny & Melissa on Saturday, April 06, 2019 | Saturday, April 06, 2019

Dogecoin was launched at the end of 2013. This coin is symbolized by the most famous funny mascot (Shiba Inu) in the whole world. When the currency is made with funny memes, many crypto fans think of it as a joke.

But surprisingly now, DOGE is ranked 20th as the largest currency on the market with more than 683 million dollars in market capitalization.

Not only that this coin also managed to provide benefits in the market, the result of encouraging a strong community behind it, therefore we are interested in reviewing more about this coin to prove that Dogecoin is not a joke like many people think lately.

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1. Dogecoin Rises Fantastic in 2018

In the latest case, Dogecoin is undoubtedly one of the top currencies in 2018, especially in the past two months, also scoring a big increase in this year's trip.

In addition, Dogecoin closes all the implications that the initial currency represents no more than a "joke", and even once called "coin meme", "joke coin", and "fun coin."

In the past year, Dogecoin has managed to earn more than 400% of profits against Fiat, because it rose nearly 100% in the past two months despite a constant trend of positive trends that are short and rather weak on the market.

Subsequently, Dogecoin rose more than 80% in the past 30 days, also showing progress on the weekly chart, although it rose by 1.5% from the increase in the past 7 days, which was the result of the sluggish trend that occupied the market over the past week.

2. Dogethereum as a diversion to enliven the price party

This is a general opinion which says that sudden increases in dogecoin prices, as well as a surge in Dogecoin prices, were actually driven by Dogethereum's announcement. While Dogethereum should have come as a hardfork Dogecoin, Dogethereum eventually turned into a bridge between Ethereum and Doge.

This bridge shows the ability of the dev team behind DOGE to enable cross-border exchanges in two ways, at ETH, and at DOGE using a blockchain-based bridge, which is cleverly named Dogethereum. While this product still has to be refined before it is officially used practically, the team has demonstrated its capabilities earlier in early September.

This also points to one factor that can bring Dogecoin more than "coin jokes", it can even be categorized as a leading blockchain project.

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3. Dogecoin is used in the online store

DOGE's main goal is to become an alternative payment method in the form of cryptocurrency, like the original digital asset, Bitcoin.Having faster processing times and lower costs than BTC, Dogecoin has provided smooth micropayment and global payment experience to DOGE users.

Which makes Dogecoin very useful is part of an increasing demand for crypto-based assets that can serve a purpose as an alternative payment method.

Some places where you can really use your Dogecoin like eGifter, AllGamer.net, BitcoinShop, IronRail Diner, Dogeazon, Clean it Supply, Jewelry Diadem, AFK Apparel, Element 7, Pex Peppers, Bitcoin Jerky, Dogecoin Athletics.

As a large number can be used for donations and more retail stores. The retail list that receives DOGE as payment is expected to increase, but the commitment so far confirms that there is a widely targeted audience that believes in the stability and function of DOGE as a payment method.

4. DogePal Is Available For Tipping Lovers

One of the latest updates from the Dogecoin team is DogePal, which is actually a new service launched by the development team with the idea of activating payments via e-mail in the form of Dogecoin units.

This service is linked to a decentralized Dogecoin wallet, and passes through the Dogecoin network, allowing money transfers through unique individual accounts that only require an email address to send payments to other Dogecoin users through a network that will also continue to update community on future achievements.

The main purpose of this service is for the widespread adoption promotion process, while the team also offers free advertising for companies that intend to join the network.

Because the Dogecoin team is updating the community with new services and achievements, this currency seems to be farther away from the category as a "joke", besides that it also gets more respect on the market.

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